Irish Inventor Obtains US Patent for an Inexpensive Powder Complement to Water Based Sprinkler Systems

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Easy to install in more places and at a fraction of the cost compared to alternatives, Pyro-Sentinel fills a niche market.

You are looking to avoid damage - not cause it. Unfortunately, water from sprinklers can cause major damage to and even destroy the very things they are supposed to protect.

Pyro-Sentinel Ltd. announced today its successful progress on obtaining patents on a worldwide basis for its new fire suppression system. The US Patent is No 7,385,480 and patents have also been obtained or are pending in over 180 Countries.

The new company named after its patented product does not use water or the more expensive gaseous alternative but rather uses a widely-available inexpensive non-toxic powder. The advantage of powder is that it causes little or no damage, and it is easy to clean up allowing the premises often to be returned to service within one day.

There are two versions. The first design is simply mass produced ceiling tiles incorporating a special membrane which melts from the heat of a fire, dropping the fire retarding powder. This was expanded to include a proactive electronic mechanism that heats cutters under the membrane to release the powder earlier, and includes options to automatically cut off electricity, gas and oil, turn on emergency lighting, exhaust fans where needed, computer imaging and system requirements plus personnel contacts and alarms etc.

The key is how inexpensive it is, and how most of it is made from very inexpensive widely available tools and materials such as an ordinary smoke or CO 2 detector and car batteries.

There are multiple niche markets for the invention. Pyro-Sentinel can compliment water sprinklers as a first responder, or it can act on its own in niche applications where water can be an issue due to supply or freezing temperatures, such as road/rail tunnels or ship containers.

Pyro-Sentinel will also fill a need in many untapped markets due to its lower cost of installation and maintenance. In assessing the cost of a system, insurance discounts may turn out to be deeper with Pyro-Sentinel largely due to the damage caused by water. Peter Fitzpatrick, the 72 year old engineer and inventor formerly of New Jersey but now living in his native Ireland said "You are looking to avoid damage - not cause it. Unfortunately, water from sprinklers can cause major damage to and even destroy the very things they are supposed to protect."

In comparison to systems that use water or inert gasses, fire suppression systems are designed to control fires, limiting the spread of the fire long enough to allow professional firefighters to respond and extinguish the fire before a total building loss can occur. Pyro-Sentinel's powder based approach is expected to perform exceptionally well in tests within accepted tolerances.

All systems have advantages and disadvantages, and Pyro-Sentinel is no exception. The main disadvantage is that it needs more space as the powder is stored above the protected area. There are many applications though where this is not an issue or alternatives are either not available or cost prohibitive.

It is the desire of all concerned within Pyro-Sentinel Ltd. that its system will become the newest firefighting weapon and will play an important part in the prevention of injuries or death and loss of property.


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