InnerSpeak Empowerment Training - Atlanta, GA - March 21-22, 2009

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Jean Adrienne, developer of InnerSpeak, the method for clearing karmic and ancestral blocks using applied kinesiology, will be hosting a weekend training class. This is an opportunity to learn this profound tool for self-healing, personal empowerment, and facilitating change in others.

So much of what we read relative to personal and spiritual growth revolves around the theme of going within and listening to our Higher Self. But how many of us don't understand what we hear, or aren't even sure if, in fact, we hear anything at all? InnerSpeak was developed to allow that inner communication to take place more easily, without the interference of our noisy mind chatter or our ego. InnerSpeak uses kinesiology (muscle testing) and a file protocol to enable communication with one's "inner self" (or soul, Higher Self, etc) and lets the Inner tell a healing story - one that brings up information about the things that keep a person stuck in undesirable space.

This dynamic tool has changed the lives of thousands, giving them a boost up to where healing takes place, past physical pain, emotional trauma, financial lack, broken relationships and much, much more. Traditional medicine works only on the physical aspect, traditional psychology works only on the mental level, traditional spiritual counseling works only on the spiritual level - InnerSpeak does it all!

This is a two-part workshop: Empowerment & InnerSpeak, and will include activations to deepen the process. It is a two day class, and the tuition is $333. Lunch is provided both days.

1. Stepping into your personal power
2. Pituitary awakening and expansion
3. All things are possible--Spoon Bending: You will be guided through an energy journey and be shown how you can access different energies for different results. Now you can see that anything can be done!
4. InnerSpeak protocol - Basic Kinesiology
5. The InnerSpeak files
6. How to facilitate a session
7. Meeting the Ascended Masters
8. Experiencing multiple dimensions and energy frequencies
9. Understanding the Universal Laws

At the conclusion of this class studentts will be able to conduct InnerSpeak sessions on themselves and others, taking away many new tools available to assist in both personal clearing and healing and working with friends and family.

If interested in hosting this workshop locally, Jean will schedule where there are 20 or more students. The host attends at no charge. This workshop will be next offered in Holland, July 1-2, 2009.

About Jean Adrienne: Jean Adrienne is the developer of InnerSpeak, author of Soul Adventures, Reframe Your World: Conscious Living In The New Reality, and creator of the InnerSpeak Cards. She hosts a weekly radio show on the 7th Wave Network,, writes a monthly column for and speaks internationally.

Jean Adrienne - 404.934.0714; PO Box 326, Kennesaw, GA 30156


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