Becoming an Expert With "Expert Advisors" - ITFX Trader MT4 Platform Now Supports the Use of Expert Advisers (EA's)

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Some people use Robot Traders - Expert Advisers (EAs) for their Forex trading. InvestTechFX's MT4 platform allows EAs for Forex trading online, although we recommend that traders must do their research before purchasing an EA, as they use different algorithms. InvestTechFX is a Software Solution No Dealing Desk (NDD).

InvestTechFX the world leading MetaTrader4 platform Expert Adviser 1 pip provider now supports the use by customers of dozens of Forex "Expert Adviser", or EA, trading programs. EA companies claim great profits with almost no element of risk. They all are potentially very attractive programs; just buy them, give them risk parameters and turn them loose. Expert advisors can run continuously and are totally unemotional.

InvestTechFX the world leading ITFX Trader MT4 platform EA 1 pip provider allows the installation and use of EAs on their trading platform, they do not endorse or condemn any specific EA program. This choice is for the trader. The expert advisor programs available to buy over the internet almost universally guarantee their ability to be consistently profitable with almost no guidance, but this is simply not the case. Many of the programs available are outright scams, and others will sell you a faulty product and then ignore your requests for technical support or refunds. Even when doing due diligence to research an expert advisor, it can be hard to distinguish between legitimate product reviews and advertisements. If the review is overly positive and has a direct link to a site where one can buy the product, don't trust it.

InvestTechFX the worldwide Forex trading company supporting the use of Expert Advisers notes there are risks involved with buying and using expert advisor programs. Care must be taken to purchase a program directly from the creator… one takes a serious chance buying a second-hand program at a discount. It's worth it to invest in a quality program that offers continued updates and responsive customer support for after having purchased the advisor program. The product's website must have an email address that they respond to; no contact details are a sign of a scam. Also be sure your expert advisor program has been extensively forward-tested, meaning it has been tested on live market data. Back-testing is less accurate and does not use live data. It is relatively easy to create an expert advisor that is very successful in back-tests that rely heavily on old data and modeling. Check for live forward-test statements. These are the best indicators of the program's real trading record. Be wary of robot programs that have only been back-tested, as these results are often irrelevant or easily manipulated. Before investing in an EA, make sure it has these minimum qualifications: there are positive, independent reviews regarding it, does not claim to produce more that about 10% monthly profit, and has at least two months of solid forward testing.

InvestTechFX the leading worldwide 1 PIP MT4 Forex software service provider's Expert Adviser marketing service representative noted that Expert Advisor robots are not static programs. They can often be customized and tailored to the changing market conditions (another reason why continuing support and updates are so important). If one is experienced and knows that exactly what one wants the EA robot to do, it is possible to have one built to your custom requirements. One will likely have to download and fill out a form with your custom trading specifications. Most of one's personal trading strategies can be implemented through the expert advisor's programming. Experienced traders know that there are more than a couple of factors that influence the global economy and that cause fluctuations in the value of a particular currency. That is why investors have developed several sets of indicators and systems which rely on complex algorithmic analysis to predict currency fluctuations, therefore increasing their chances to earn revenues when trading on a percentage point basis (PIP). MetaTrader4 is a trading platform which can be extended through the use expert advisors. This is especially useful for investors who can't spend all of their time in front of their computers trying to monitor their trades.

EA strategies and research-
InvestTechFX the leading worldwide 1 PIP forex ITFX Trading software service provider's EA expert noted that EA's all use particular mathematical algorithms to make there decisions. As the quality of the artificial intelligence and the consistency of the algorithms improve, so does the overall profitability of the EAs. Markets are now emerging such as the London Stock Exchange (LSE) that cater to "Algorithms Merchants"- traders who rely on EA technology to predict market behavior and make trading decisions. The general consensus is that the best way to use an EA is with a "cyborg trading" strategy in which one guides one's EA robot with one's intuition and parameters and let it do the nitty-gritty calculation and analysis work. EA's are a powerful trading tool, but they require the management of a flesh-and-blood forex trader to be consistently profitable. InvestTechFX caters to an infinite diversity of trading strategies. A combination of human guidance and mechanical precision is popular, but not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Some trading platforms restrict the use of EAs, however InvestTechFX does not restrict their use or incorporation, making InvestTechFX a favorite amongst traders who rely on EAs. As the leading 1 PIP Forex Trading Platform, InvestTechFX insists on making forex tools, options, and education as freely available to all traders as possible. InvestTechFX the world leading Forex software solutions EA 1 pip provider, offers forex education through there website, and if you are not particularly familiar with EAs and how to install them, there are tutorials available for free online. As always, be careful whose advice you buy. To learn more about forex trading strategies and concepts, visit InvestTechFX also offers free demo forex account for new traders.

InvestTechFX and the No Dealing Desk (NDD) option-
InvestTechFX the worldwide Forex trading company supporting the use of EAs are an alternative to dealing desk brokers. With a No Dealing Desk, your success in trading does not have to be tied to the good will of your sponsoring broker and the restrictions of an artificial market created and controlled by the sponsoring broker. You can trade currencies the same way brokers do - through a non-trading, non-dealing desk. Instead of trading against a single broker, you can trade on-exchange against banks, institutional investors, and FCM's (through a disinterested broker whose income is defined by a nominal transaction that is limited to a single pip per round turn). InvestTechFX is the leading 1 PIP spread on SIX MAJORS Forex currency pairs.

InvestTechFX the leading worldwide EA supporting 1 PIP trading Co. never changes commission; be wary of Dealing Desk brokers who advertise no commission trading, though this is rarely their main source of income. They make money through the spreads they charge clients and which, which may rise suddenly. With a non-dealing desk broker, the fees (commission) they charge are transparent and stated upfront.

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