New Report: 10 Steps to Raising Moral Children, Empowers Parents to Counter Worldly Influences

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In a world so filled with hypocrisy, undesirable actions and an overwhelming media influence teaching our children right from wrong - in a less than acceptable manner, parents are diligently seeking another way. Many parents are finding that better way with this FREE report: 10 Steps to Raising Moral Children.

Michedolene Hogan, Having successfully raised three adult sons and still having four more at home, has seen the changes in worldly influences and witnessed the impact it has on children first hand. This experience has led to the understanding of a parents need to counter those influences and was her motivation in providing 10 Steps to Raising Moral Children & Building Exceptional Character that Lasts. (

A newly launched website,, aims to offer parents a unique, affective and God centered approach to building strong families by offering quality articles on today's common issues and valuable information to recognizing and understanding today's common parenting trends.

'I wanted to have a website that helped parents identify where they want to be in the parenting role and establish a unique approach,' Michedolene explained; 'not just following a map provided by an expert but really truly identifying what their personal family values are and building a strong family around that.'

To help parents do just that Michedolene has put together a free resource for families that are looking for ways to counter social influences with her free report '10 Steps to Raising Moral Children & Building Exceptional Character that Lasts.' (

This simple guide is packed with solid and proven methods to assist parents in getting started with strengthening the family. It begins with a challenge for parents: "We need to work hard to help our children build character in their lives and give them a proper understanding of the priorities that will help to ensure a successful future."

The report then leads parents through practical, yet powerful methods to carry the great responsibility of parenting today. An excerpt from ways a parent can help their children avoid temptation emphasizes the importance of proper modest behavior: "More often than not modesty is associated with conservative clothing as opposed to provocative or sexy attire. In my experience, the vast majority of parents regularly set an exemplary example when it comes to this aspect of modesty. But the most important aspect of this virtue is the godly attitude that a modest person exhibits."

'10 Steps to Raising Moral Children began as a simple one paragraph per point guide for parents,' shared Michedolene, 'It was expected to be published as an article on the site, but as the article was developed we realized that we were barely touching the surface on these topics and that parents needed and deserved more.'

10 Steps to Raising Moral Children & Building Exceptional Character that Lasts was written by parents for parents as they work to develop a unique approach to building strong families. To get your copy of this free, powerful resource and take advantage of all that Unique Parenting has to offer visit and sign up today.

About Michedolene Hogan:
After witnessing the decline in family values she began diligently studying to understand what her children were up against in the world around them and how she could maintain strong family values. Michedolene dedicated her time to understanding the role parents play in strong families and the importance of a healthy relationship between both parents. She is the publisher and co-author of, a site that offers support and information to other parents seeking a unique, affective and God centered approach to building strong families.


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