becomes Atlanta's Largest Provider of Lease Option Homes

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With the credit crunch and increasing strain on the capital and housing markets, homeowners, investors and new construction residential builders are looking for creative methods to market and sell their homes. They have overwhelmingly embraced's No Credit Qualifying Lease Option Program as a method to sell their homes quickly for fair market value. is pleased to announce that they are Atlanta's largest single provider of lease option, lease purchase, rent to own and owner finance properties with more than $40 million in inventory.

In what has been a surprising turn of events, what started off as nothing more than a platform to facilitate the rapid sale of investment properties acquired through The Wealth Consortium, Inc., has taken on a life of its own and quickly become Atlanta's largest single provider of lease option and rent to own homes.

"With thousands of people every month signing up on our website, we simply couldn't fill the demand with our own investment properties," says Vincent Polisi, President of The Wealth Consortium, Inc. and "Then investor loans dried up and we had a database of over 1200 people looking for lease option or rent to own properties and no means to help them."

When asked why he thought a retail lease option platform to market other people's properties seemed like a good idea, Polisi stated, "More than anything else, we had the beginnings of the perfect recipe for success. We had hundreds of buyers wanting homes every month that we couldn't service. Prior to any marketing, we had dozens of people asking us to market their homes. When I looked at the equation, we had what everyone in real estate dreams of, large amounts of buyers with cash and motivated sellers. The key was to bring them together using a platform that provided everyone what they wanted."

The Finance the Dream Retail Lease Option Program offers sellers a non-conventional way to sell their home quickly for full market value. In addition to finding a tenant that is serious about homeownership, buyers and sellers benefit from other features of the program.

"So many lease option programs are really set up as merely a way for real estate investors to make money," says Polisi. "It was important to us that our program be run with integrity and that we were actually helping our clients realize their dream of owning a home. In addition to having our clients work with a reputable credit repair company, we report their payments to the credit bureau to help them establish new credit. We are currently exploring options for financial counseling that could further help our clients reach their goals. We want to be with them every step of the way so that both buyer and seller benefit."

"Sometimes sellers are shocked at how quickly we are able to move their home. I'll never forget the first deal we did," remembers Wendy Polisi, Co-Founder of "We received the legal interest in the property, photographs and a lockbox code at 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. Vincent put that first deal together in 68 hours and had it executed with checks in hand by noon the following Monday. The seller was astonished and ecstatic. It was an investment property that he had had on the market for 8 months and after doing a $50,000 cash rehab, was hemorrhaging $2,200 per month in payments. By pairing two people in our database, we created an effective solution for both parties."

Many of their seller clients are professional investors who got trapped, like so many people did, when the mortgage market imploded. They don't want to sell for a loss and are happy to find a creative solution that allows them to realize their full gain in 24 months or less.

Likewise, the tenants are professionals who have run into hard luck such via a divorce or a company going out of business. They have good jobs, solid incomes and are serious about becoming homeowners.

"That's the one thing I love about this business," says Polisi. "Unlike many other businesses I have been in, when you complete a transaction using our Finance the Dream platform, everybody loves you! Sellers and buyers are both ecstatic. It is truly a great feeling."

Since that first deal, FinanceTheDream's growth has exploded with sellers, investors and builders coming in droves and referring other people they know needing to sell a home. This growth has catapulted them to quickly become Atlanta's largest single provider of lease option properties with more than $40 million in inventory.

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