What Do You Do When You're Thrown Off Conservative Blogs? Start a Political Blog of Your Own

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VerbalPaintball.com is a liberal political blog created by a banned commenter who had enough of fighting the neocons alone. The blog was created to push buttons and encourage heated debate.

VerbalPaintball.com is a liberal political blog created by a banned commenter who had enough of fighting the neocons alone. The blog was created to push buttons and encourage heated debate.

"Right-wing blogs are now just echo chambers," says Verbal, the anonymous owner of http://www.VerbalPaintball.com. "The few that were open forums have since closed ranks after Obama took office." He should know. Having been a frequent commenter on several far-right blogs for over three years, Verbal did his best to engage in intelligent debate with those commenters who would be open to it. But more often than not, he found alot of nasty opposition to his views. For him, that was the moment the comment board got interesting.

"There are enough people out who are happy finding blogs with complimentary views, and I can understand that. You want to know you're not alone in your beliefs. For me, I'd much rather be that single opposing voice in the room and have to battle my way out - and for eight years of the worst political division I've ever lived through, there were alot of battles out there."

But when one of his favorite blogs hired comment editors after the first of the year, things began to change. "Suddenly, statements I'd made dozens of times before were stripped from the thread. It all really came to a halt when I described Bush as a 'bastard' for his indifference to human life. The comment editor, who could stomach frequently ugly and profane words directed at Clinton or Obama wouldn't allow the same toward Republican icons. My IP address was banned. That was when I decided to put my opinions on the front of the page and started Verbal Paintball."

The website has been up and running since the end of January and Verbal has already stirred up the audience. "The best thing I can do here is tell it like it is. I have no great need to become a professional journalist, I don't need the money, and my opinion cannot be bought. My anger with politics today is similar to what many people feel. If I can tap into that and be a voice for those who need to let off steam, that would be satisfying."

One thing that should appeal to his audience is the no-holds-barred comment area. "Unlike the spineless blogs I used to frequent, I'm not going to ban you for saying something I don't like. That's childish. Scream if you want. Curse if you need to. This is the place to do it in the political arena."

Verbal sees a value in what bloggers call "flaming" -- a hostile and insulting interaction between commenters. "I believe there is a certain level of truth that comes through when you're sparring in that kind of debate. People tend to say what they really mean. Conservatives who might be debating immigration may show their prejudices when emotions get the best of them, just as liberals might display their hypocrisy and ignorance when shouting about the war."

Along with politics, http://www.VerbalPaintball.com will tackle controversial issues and have general lifestyle articles as well. Verbal, who's spent two decades as a Creative Director on major accounts, thinks the variety is necessary. "I'm going to try to keep it entertaining and sometimes shocking. The two aren't mutually exclusive." The blog will also be even handed with liberal politicians as well, and has criticized both Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others on the left. "I'm hardly a shill for these people and they should expect the same criticism the right gets when they do something wrong. Like most people, I'm a bit of a centrist -- just an angry one."

In short, Verbal Paintball is expecting it's audience to recognize that no matter what is discussed, the overriding principle is freedom of speech. "There is nothing greater in this country than the ability to speak truth to power. It's what makes us, and a small group of other countries, unique. That I can call George W. Bush a name my mother might ground me for - and not be thrown in a prison cell to rot for the rest of my life - is what makes me proud to be a citizen here. But it's our duty to be critical of all people in office, not to simply fall in line. That's what my associates and I intend to do on this soapbox."

http://www.VerbalPaintball.com is a political website out of New York that tackles issues without boundaries and offers it's readership the opportunity to engage in heated commentary.


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