Fakecrap.com Announces New Wiseguy Starter Set, Version 3.0

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Practical jokes develop critical thinking skills and reduce levels of idiocy.

In time for April Fool's Day, practical joke business Fakecrap.com launched today their latest Wiseguy Starter Set, now in version 3.0.

"Practical jokes promote critical thinking skills," says company spokesman, Joe Kulakowski. "You can't escape from Chinese Finger Traps, for example, without thinking."

Chinese Finger Traps are included in the new assortment, along with 14 other classics. Another of the classics included in the new set is the Phony Squirt Mustard prank. This is a visual trick that makes the victim believe that you are squirting mustard on them. This type of prank develops the basic concept of what is fake versus what is real, according to Mr. Kulakowski. This is a critical concept in cognitive development and people who fail to acquire this concept will suffer from inadequate personality, often becoming "suckers" or "chumps". These are the people who forward emails in the belief that they will get money from Bill Gates, for example. Or worse, they lose their money by falling victim to Nigerian money schemes or phishing scams. Because their brains cannot think critically, these people are unable to distinguish between what is real and what is fake.

"You can't be a wise guy if you're dumb," says Mr. Kulakowski. "Humor is a sign of intelligence," he continues, "because smart people analyze and question their reality. Dumb people just go along with the herd without thinking. But thank goodness for dumb people," he adds, "they make the perfect victims for practical jokes, and there are so many of them!"

Another classic prank included in the assortment is the Puff Cigarette. With this device you can convince anyone that you have a lit cigarette and the possibilities of trickery are many: drop the lit cigarette on the carpet, let out a puff of "smoke" in the elevator, or put the lit cigarette in your pocket. This is another practical joke that pushes the envelope with the existential question: is this a trick?

"We've gone back to basics with this bag of tricks," says Mr. Kulakowski. "We've got 15 time honored classics with a set of detailed instructions. It's an excellent value, just ten dollars for over fifteen dollars worth of top quality tricks."

Other items included are Itching Powder, Stink Bombs, Rattlesnake Eggs, Hand Buzzer, Stink Cigarette Loads, Disappearing Ink, Switchblade Comb, Fake Crap, Pulling Fireworks, Snap Gum, Fake Snake and a Fake Cockroach.

Find the new assortment in the alphabetical list at http://www.fakecrap.com.

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