On-Line Financial Crisis Game Helps Relieve Stress

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Announcing the release of a free, light-hearted, on-line financial crisis game called "Recession-Aggression." The purpose is to help the general public relieve some of the stress and strain they are experiencing because of the current economic crisis.

The current economic crisis is no laughing matter. It has created many hardships as well as a great deal of stress, strain, irritation and frustration among families and businesses throughout the world.

In an effort to relieve some of the gloom and doom and help people take a break from the harsh realities they are facing, Media Dynamics has produced a fun, cathartic, on-line game called "Recession Aggression".

The biggest challenge in developing the game was determining how to take a light-hearted approach to a very serious situation," explained Ron Trilling, a partner in the Milwaukee-based media production company. "We wanted to give our audience a way to vent their frustration with some of the more prominent personalities whose greed, deceitful business practices and poor financial decisions have had a major impact on the crisis we're facing today."

According to Aneliese Parker, one of the programmers at Media Dynamics who came up with the idea, "With all the talk about the down economy and the need to come up with "out of the box" marketing ideas, we thought a clever interactive game about the economy would attract attention as well as subtly help us showcase some of our development capabilities."

The objective of the game is to "payback" the scoundrels by plastering them with objects appropriate to that character's business affiliation, such as a gold bar, plastic gas can or a gold stapler. Each time the object strikes the target, points are awarded until the 45 second game is over. The player may then enter their final score in a database driven leader board.

According to Trilling, "The game has three variations. One variation features Bernie Madoff, the Big 3 auto executives or Merrill Lynch's ex-CEO, John Thain. The second variation spotlights the "Crook of the Week." Media Dynamics will update this category with the most deplorable, underhanded, underhanded character currently capturing a prominent spot in the public eye. And finally, players may customize the game by uploading the face of the person they'd like to payback. The customized character then appears in the game as the target."

The Recession Aggression game has given Media Dynamics a unique to demonstrate its rich media production services they offer. This includes Flash development, interactive multimedia, 3D animations; website design, development and production; and computer training programs.

John Platta, also a partner at Media Dynamics responsible for overall sales and marketing, was very pleased with the initial feedback the company received shortly after releasing the game. "We received numerous congratulatory e-mails from our customer base along with several requests for meetings to discuss projects! From a viral marketing standpoint, we were delighted to find that within 4 hours of posting the game, our site analytics showed hundreds of hits from locations throughout the United States as well as Germany, India, France, Ireland and England."

"We're not exactly certain as to how popular the game will become and what it will mean in terms of new business opportunities for us, " Platta said. " However, judging by the feedback we've received to date, we've not only attracted attention to our website and showcase our capabilities, but we've far surpassed our objective of providing the game players with means by which they can relieve some stress and frustration and have fun doing it."

To play Recession-Aggression, go to http://www.recession-aggression.com or visit Media Dynamics' corporate website at http://www.mediadynamics.com and click on the Recession-Aggression Game icon.


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