A New Blog Has Just Been Launched "Madison Avenue War Stories"

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This is the first blog where advertising people can share what they've witnessed, the stories they've heard and rumors that were known to be were true. Cause let's face it folks, it's a stinko business and it's getting worse. Ad folks owe it to the world and to each other to spill the beans about the wankers, pirates, thieves and scoundrels who ran agencies and got away with murder. And it can be done anonymously.

A new blog has just been launched.

"Madison Avenue War Stories"

Madison Avenue War Stories is a new blog that's been launched to tell American's what's gone on in advertising over the last 20 or so years. And it can all be told anonymously.

Because a blog like this has long been over due. Cause like everyone else in the Advertising Business, things happened that probably made those who witnessed it think 'is this some sort of alternate reality?' There's stories about people and agencies that everybody in this stinko business would love to hear. Creative and account alike, who have been in the business more than 10 years no doubt, know of the famous betrayals, the coup de tats, the famous back stabs, the ego maniacs, the mentally retarded clients, and the upper management that were as dumb as a bag of hammers, need it go on? And these are stories that need to be told. And again, spill the beans, be the deep throat of advertising, and no one will know. It's a whole lot better than going to a shrink and a lot cheaper.

O.k. here's one. Did you know that in the mid 1980s agencies would put a light dusting of white powder on the cakes they served to clients, before the big meetings? It was speed, not sugar. By the time the agency presented the campaigns the clients were jumping up and down like baboons. Now a days, they'd be lucky to have a cake at all.

Or the story of the guy who inherited an agency and sold it for 280 million dollars? They say he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. Any idea who he is?

Who were the worst sadists?
Who were to worst idea thieves?
Who were the biggest liars?
Who were the biggest psychotics?
Who should have gotten fired and never did?
Who took pleasure in firing people?
What was the biggest betrayl you ever heard of?
If one Ad person could be legally executed who should it be?

This is the one place to spill the beans and have everyone laughing hysterically. Or standing drop jawed! And help make sure that the wankers who thought they'd get away with it all, spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder.

And once again, remember, it's all anonymous.

Just click on: http://madisonavenuewarstories.blogspot.com/

And tell a story, cause who else will?


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