Affordable Electronic Device Helps People Change Their Own Habits

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Scheduled for release in March 2009 is a new version of the MotivAider(R), a simple electronic device that was created from scratch to help people of all ages change their own habits.

What counts, shakes, and helps people quickly, easily, and privately change their own habits?

Give up? It's called the MotivAider(R). It may look like a pager, but it's an ingeniously simple electronic device that was created from scratch to give people of all ages a simple, effective and affordable way to transform their good intentions into life-improving action.

Although it has not been aggressively marketed, the device has actually been around for more than twenty years. It's used in 35 countries in industries that range from healthcare and education to business and sports. Behavioral Dynamics, Inc., the small Minnesota company that developed the product, is hoping its latest version of the MotivAider - scheduled for release in March 2009 - will bring the product's benefits to a broader base of consumers.        

The MotivAider is the brainchild of clinical psychologist, Dr. Steve Levinson, who admits to being surprised by the extremely wide variety of behavior changes that people have used the device to make. "People are using the MotivAider to eliminate all kinds of unwanted habits like nail-biting and teeth-grinding. Both children and adults use it to improve attention. Many people use it to reduce stress, stick to a diet, increase personal or work effectiveness, achieve spiritual goals, or even to play better golf or tennis," Levinson said.

The MotivAider works by keeping its user's attention focused on making virtually any desired change in behavior. It does its job by automatically exposing users to a continuous stream of silent personal reminders. Each reminder is conveyed privately by a pulsing vibration signal capable of capturing the user's attention without interfering with normal activities.

To use the MotivAider, users first select a word, phrase or image that will remind and motivate them to make the desired change. "By capitalizing on the mind's ability to associate meaning with a neutral stimulus, they transform the MotivAider's vibration signal into their own highly personal message," says Levinson. "The result is that whenever they feel the MotivAider's pulsing vibration, users automatically think their own personal message. Users simply tell the MotivAider how often to send them signals - just often enough to keep them focused and on track until repetition causes the desired behavioral change to become a habit."

The MotivAider emphasizes ease of use while allowing for extensive customization. Users can choose how often to receive signals - from as often as once every few seconds to as seldom as once a day. They can also choose whether to receive signals at regular or variable intervals. Both the strength and the duration of the vibration signals are electronically adjustable.

The new MotivAider (a sneak preview is available at will feature a rich satin stainless look and feel and the ability to send private signals at truly random intervals. It will sell for $59.50 and come with a three year warranty and lifetime telephone support. The MotivAider is available directly from Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. ( and from resellers in North America, Europe and Australia.

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