Research Shows Internet Green Job Scams Are Growing, New Green Jobs Clearing House Identifies Best Sites

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With the increased interest on environmentally focused jobs and an economy in shambles, the Internet green jobs market is hot, and so apparently are the job scams according to research by the Live Green, Live Smart Institute, which launched a list of vetted, best green job locations, on its site ( this week.

With the increased interest in environmentally focused jobs and an economy in shambles, the Internet green jobs market is hot, and so apparently are the job scams according to research by the Live Green, Live Smart Institute, which launched a list of vetted, best green job locations, on its site ( this week. The Live Green, Live Smart Institute vetted over 123 green job sites to find out where the green jobs were. During the screening they discovered numerous sites set up to take advantage of job hunters, even to potentially use information gathered for identity theft, to gather e-mail addresses for spam mailings, or just increase traffic for advertising and search engine optimization.

Several sites asked individuals to pre-register before granting them access to hundreds or thousands of green jobs. In the process they were asked to fill out resumes that asked for information ranging from a drivers license number to a social security number, date and place of birth and other very private information. In the wrong hands this is information that could be easily used to create a new identity. Two of the sites were gone when the researcher checked a second time, a common technique among scam artists, gather information and move on.

In other cases the sites offered jobs that either did not exist or had been filled and were never removed from the posting boards. According to Peter Lytle, Executive Director and founder of the Institute: "We posted our own resumes on various sites and with various companies only to find out that the posted positions either never existed or had been filled months ago, most of the time we received no response and often we ended up getting put on a spam or pornographic e-mail list." " We found a large number of jobs that said they were green, but in reality were jobs that were not in the green and environmental sectors. Examples would be a Life Insurance sales position listed as Director of Environmental and Risk Sales Products; it was really only selling life insurance to your relatives."

The Live Green, Live Smart Institute has some tips for green job hunters.

1# Never fill out an on-line resume and give out your passport number, driver's license number, checking account or credit card numbers, or your social security number.
2# When asked to complete an on-line security check form for the purposes of the national security (Patriot Act) do not give out any personal information. Do these forms in person and in an office where you know who will get the information and how it will be used. 3# Some sites ask for a credit card to list your resume or to represent you. Don't do this, it could be a scam or you just wasted your money for no real benefits. Quality recruiters don't require upfront money; the employer pays the fees. 4# Avoid predators; don't send pictures of yourself; don't send your social link address (Facebook). Stay with sites that you feel comfortable with. Never visit a job site or recruiter's office or home without a good sense of how safe this location is. 5# Is the job really green, many green jobs are really only jobs painted green. Example: Sales jobs for ordinary cleaning supplies are not really green and often have great titles like VP of ECO Products. Later you find out everyone is a VP. 6# Thoroughly check out the organization or company listing the job before you fill out a resume or go to an interview. Your personal information will remain in your control this way. Because the job site is big and well known does not mean they are directing you to jobs they have screened or organizations or companies they have vetted. YOU are responsible for your own screening process. 8# When you find a bogus job site inform the Attorney General in your state, post the potential issue on blogs and message boards, don't let green jobs get a bad name. 9# Sites with locations in Nigeria, Russia and most of Africa are likely bogus. When you get an e-mail response telling you someone's father died and they need to have you help them get millions of dollars out of the country, you know how they got your address. 10# When the position says " Senior Environmental Engineering Position, no previous environmental experience or degree required, you have a fake position. The good green positions require experience or a degree. Look between the lines. They are trying to get your resume, e-mail address or generate traffic to a new site.

In order to aid potential green job hunters the Live Green, Live Smart Institute has posted on its web site a Green Jobs Clearing House (, listing the top thirty sites found to be among the best for green jobs. This does not mean that some of these sites might not have future problems or that other sites do not have some good positions as well.

Live Green, Live Smart Institute ® is a Minnesota-based organization dedicated to promoting a sustainable planet through education, primary research, linking of resources, and fostering a global, green community. The organization is formed for the benefit of those individuals concerned about the impact their housing, transportation and lifestyle choices have on the environment.

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