Emerging Technology Trends Create New Demands and Opportunities for Rank and File IT Managers

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New IT Solution Series of Articles and Podcasts from BizTechReports sponsored by IBM Features Latest Research and Analysis for Rank and File Information Technology Professionals.

A new series of articles and podcasts from BizTechReports (http://www.biztechreports.com) sponsored by IBM tracks and analyzes the role that dynamic market forces, new technologies and emerging business strategies are having on IT managers around the world. Headlines of current reports in the analytical series (which can be found at http://www.biztechreports.com/ITSolutionsSeries.html and http://www.ibm.com/itsolutions) include:

Knowledge Gap on BPM Hamplers IT/Business Alignment -- Business process management may be on the lips of many, but it is being actively pursued as a dedicated discipline by relatively few in the corporate environment. (www-01.ibm.com/software/info/itsolutions/bpm/knowledgegap/)

Web 2.0 Strives to be Collaboration Software of Choice for Enterprises -- Beyond the buzz and hype, there is solid evidence that Web 2.0 is capturing the imagination of IT managers who must address the growing imperative to support enhanced collaboration within and between organizations. (www-01.ibm.com/software/info/itsolutions/collaboration/web20.html)

Lack of IT Governance Complicates Compliance with Costly Consequences -- Compliance breakdowns and governance failures across industry sectors are now among the most common - and unwelcome - headlines in the business press today. Despite these frequent reminders on the costly consequences of lax security risk management, there is still evidence that many organizations do not place sufficient executive attention on this issue. (www-01.ibm.com/software/solutions/compliance/rc-governance.html)

New Content Management Practices Capture Data Currently out of Reach -- For years we have been told that--when it comes to content management--you cannot manage what you do not measure. But for many enterprises, current content management strategies prevent many IT managers from even finding critical information. And certainly it is impossible to measure what you cannot put your hands on. (www-01.ibm.com/software/data/information/ecm-article.html)

Data Governance Manages Growing Risks in Data Management -- While the last five years have seen the development of large-scale repositories that, in isolation, work quite well, this tactical approach to data management exposes enterprises to risks and information gaps that enterprises cannot afford. (www-01.ibm.com/software/data/information/data-governance-article.html)

Disaster Recovery: Does Your Management Get it? -- Prevention is always a hard sell for people and organizations that are going flat out to meet the demands of the day. This may help explain why researchers at UK-based Chartered Management Institute (CMI) find that less than half of over 750 companies surveyed have disaster recovery and business
continuity strategies in place. (www-01.ibm.com/software/solutions/disaster-recovery/dr-management.html)

Global Complexities Challenge How IT Managers Handle Distribution -- Shifting business environments are causing a growing number of IT managers to rethink how they handle distribution management. Growing dependence on extended and diffuse partner networks, for instance is creating new operational complexities that have put a strain on traditional management practices. (www-01.ibm.com/software/info/itsolutions/dm-global_complexities/index.html)

Is IT Ready to Spearhead "Green" Energy Efficiency Efforts? -- As energy efficiency becomes more of a corporate initiative, technology departments will likely be heavily involved in leading enterprise initiatives to improve energy use while additionally reducing the corporate carbon footprint. (www-03.ibm.com/systems/greendc/resources/whitepapers/energy_efficiency_ready.html)

Systems Management Initiativs Tap SOA to Boost Systems ROI -- IT managers tasked with "innovating" their way out of cumbersome technology infrastructures and outdated business processes are re-thinking their systems management strategies by harnessing the potential of Services Oriented Architectures. (www-01.ibm.com/software/info/itsolutions/sm-soa.html)

Is Virtualization Still Only Virtually Understood? -- We are approaching a point in the "virtualization" hype-cycle where performance and delivered value will have to manifest
itself in some tangible form. (www-03.ibm.com/systems/virtualization/news/view/virtually_understood.html)

About BizTechReports:
BizTechReports (http://www.biztechreports.com) is an independent reporting agency with offices in Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area that analyzes user trends in business technology. BizTechReports explores the role that technology products and services play in the overall economy and/or in specific vertical industries. Our Business Technology Reports are often based on Independent Field Surveys which provide a foundation for performing gap analyses that highlight the capabilities of current technology investments and contrast them against emerging requirements in the market.


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