"UNITED 4 UGANDA" Fundraising Program to Fight HIV/AIDS and Poverty in Africa

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The Mulago Positive Women's Network of Uganda announces a new fund-raising program to raise much-needed funds in support of families living with HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty in Uganda. This fund-raising program is designed to allow the public to get involved in the fund-raising process while raising awareness of Africa's challenges and cultures. The money raised by these fund-raisers will be used by these families to educate their children and provide them with additional nutritional support. "UNITED 4 UGANDA" !

On the one year anniversary of the establishment of their website, the Mulago Positive Women's Network (MPWN) is pleased to announce their new outreach program -- "UNITED 4 UGANDA".

In its first year, the MPWN website (http://www.mpwn-uganda.org) has attracted attention from thousands of people and has resulted in the MPWN building a solid relationship with the Executive Networks organization (http://www.executivenetworks.com) to work on development projects in Uganda.

The MPWN was started in January 2004 to address the special needs of HIV+ women in Uganda. Based in Kampala Uganda, the MPWN functions as a support network to assist its members in "living positively" with HIV/AIDS. The MPWN is affiliated with TASO (The AIDS Support Organization -- http://www.tasouganda.org) of Uganda -- one of the longest established and most prestigious African-initiated AIDS organizations in the continent.

Agnes Nyamayarwo is the main facilitator of the Mulago Positive Women's Network. She has often been referred to by Bono (U2) as one of the "heroes" of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. In 2002, during a trip to Africa, Bono visited with several members of TASO, including Agnes, and was inspired by her courage in her personal struggle with HIV/AIDS. Agnes would become a main speaker on the "Heart of America" tour with Bono in December 2002 which launched DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa -- http://www.data.org). Agnes is also a main spokesperson for ONE, the Campaign to Make Poverty History (http://www.one.org) where she continues to this day to advocate on behalf of the world's poorest people. Bono continues his activities for Africa through DATA and ONE as well as through RED (http://www.joinred.com) and EDUN (http://www.edunonline.com)

In the last year, through the combined efforts of online sale of the MPWN crafts and donations, over $5,000 have been raised to give additional financial support to the women of the MPWN as they attempt to maintain their families in the midst of poverty. All the money raised on behalf of the MPWN is used by the women to send their children to school and to provide additional nutrition for them. But as the need is great, it is hoped that the "UNITED 4 UGANDA" program will double the amount of money raised this year on behalf of the MPWN.

If interested in participating in the "UNITED 4 UGANDA" program, please visit our website at http://www.mpwn-uganda.org or call (512) 992-7782.

The "UNITED 4 UGANDA" Program
The "United 4 Uganda" Program is a co-ordinated effort by concerned individuals and organizations to provide increased economic support to the women of the Mulago Positive Women's Network (MPWN) of Uganda. The effort will be spearheaded by those involved with the website of the MPWN (http://www.mpwn-uganda.org) and include active participation by involving its supporters to directly get involved in fundraising efforts for the MPWN. The name of the program ("United 4 Uganda") is a natural extension of the slogan used for years by the MPWN's sponsoring organization, TASO (http://www.tasouganda.org). That slogan is "United Against AIDS".

This program will be a direct people-to-people program which operates on the initiative and the enthusiasm of the individuals involved. Individual "United 4 Uganda" kits will be available for a donation of $75.00 to the MPWN.The kits will include one of each of the items below:

  • African Shopping Basket
  • African Mother w/ child Doll (the "Agnes" doll)
  • Paper Bead Necklace (multicolored strand)
  • "Coffee Bean" Basket

Along with these craft items from the MPWN, each purchaser will also receive information sheets regarding the listed items above, color prints of the women of the MPWN in the process of making the items, an Order Sheet on which to record the amount of these items sold and 10 - 15 free MPWN postcards to send to friends and family to attend an "African Craft Benefit" on behalf of the Mulago Positive Women's Network of Uganda.

Similar to other "in-home" parties, each participant in the "UNITED 4 UGANDA" program will be responsible to arrange and fulfill as many of these "African Craft Benefit" events for the MPWN as they wish. The more events completed, the more money raised for the women of the MPWN and the more pride that participants can feel that they have made a tangible difference for good in the lives of these women and their families. Each "African Craft Benefit" will be slightly different from each other as the programming of each event will be largely left up to the participant hosting the event.

We, at the MPWN website, will be more than willing to work with any participant in the "UNITED 4 UGANDA" program in putting together their event in terms of African music, foods, customs, language, games, etc that can be included in their "African Craft Benefit" if asked -- or the participant can create their own.

Once the event is over, the "UNITED 4 UGANDA" representative will be responsible for getting their Order Sheet, complete with payment, to us at the MPWN website.Once payment is received, the order will be sent out within two business days to the "UNITED 4 UGANDA" representative for disbursement.

Each "UNITED 4 UGANDA" representative will be allowed up to a 5% allowance from the sale of the MPWN items at their event or maybe donate that to our effort for these women.

Each representative WILL receive a personal "Thank You" note and gift from the MPWN website for all their devoted efforts to help these women and their children "live positively" with HIV and to overcome the poverty in which they live.

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