Long Life Juicers' Owner Says Juicing Improves Nutrition Lowers Grocery Bill and Makes Healthy Fast-Food

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It is very possible to improve daily nutrition, health, and the ability to cope with stress, while lowering grocery bills and enjoying fast-food that's healthy.

The owner of the new web based business, http://www.longlifejuicers.com, says drinking homemade fruit and vegetable juice is a great solution to several challenges facing people these days.

"In this troubled economic environment the need to trim our grocery budget without trimming proper nutrition can be a challenge," says owner Yasmeen Harper. "It becomes especially important to keep up our physical energy, health, mental clarity and positive emotional mood through adequate nutrition when facing increased stress." Adding homemade fruit and vegetable juice into the daily diet will increase nutritional intake, save time in the kitchen by making healthy fast-food in a glass, and lower grocery bills, she claims. Plus, it tastes delicious.

Studies show that less than 90% of Americans eat the recommended amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables each day, says Ms. Harper, owner of http://www.longlifejuicers.com. "Most people's daily diet is devoid of, or sorely lacking in, fruits and vegetables. If people do eat them, they are probably in prepackaged, processed or cooked form, which just doesn't retain the living enzymes and nutrients of raw produce. When was the last time you sat down to a plate of raw broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, or chewed through a serving of pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon, including the rind? Probably not recently. Yet consuming produce raw is the only way to get all of its nutrients into our bodies, and much of those nutrients are contained in the rind and skin. Juicing not only gets the entire fruit and vegetable into us, but does so in a form that is optimally deliverable into our bloodstreams. We don't have to digest the food to break it down and get at the vitamins and minerals. They are already accessible and we just soak them up."

Fresh produce is rich in health-protecting antioxidants while being an economical grocery choice. When comparing the cost and nutritional content of prepackaged foods to that of fresh produce, it can be seen what a great value juicing can be, she points out. "When you leave the grocery store with food items that nature made, rather than food items that man made, you're going to save money and be healthier. And fast food meets its match in a glass of fresh juice made at home in just minutes. You can be out the door and on your way to work with a great tasting, nutritional powerhouse in your hand that will easily carry you through your morning, and probably cost less than a dollar."

Juicing can be a perfect way to get adequate servings of vegetables into otherwise veggie-wary children. Add fruit like apple, pineapple or grapes to a medley of celery, tomato, spinach or bell peppers and kids will never know they are drinking anything but sweet fruit juice, Harper suggests. Freshly extracted juices are loaded with flavor, and even adults who think they don't like vegetables will be surprised at how delicious they are when consumed this way. Health conscious parents can also use juicers to create natural, homemade baby food inexpensively and easily, she says.

"Some styles of juice machines, namely masticating juicers, are very versatile in the kitchen. They can be used to grind nuts into nut butter, grind whole grains into flour, grind whole coffee beans or spices, puree foods into baby food, extrude fresh pasta dough, make ice cream and sorbet, create smoothies or an endless variety salsas, as well as juicing fruits and vegetables.

Better nutrition, improved health and well-being, great tasting, fast, easy drinks and meal ideas, and a lower grocery bill are all possible by adding a juice extractor to the kitchen counter. For additional information on the subject of this release, contact Yasmeen Harper or visit http://www.longlifejuicers.com. There you can find the entire line of Champion and Omega juice extractors, books about juicing and its nutritional benefits, free food and drink recipes to create with your juicer, as well as articles on these topics.

About the Owner
Yasmeen Harper has been involved with better living through healthy nutrition for many years. She is a long time practitioner of yoga and yoga meditation, and danced professionally for many years. Her deep belief in the many benefits of juicing has led her to start this web business, that others may discover the benefits of juicing also.

Yasmeen Harper, public relations director
Long Life Juicers
customersupport (at) longlifejuicers (dot) com


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