Xpriori Announces Smart Repository Installation at DirecTV

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"XCM-Discovery" based on Xpriori's smart repository platform, enables corporate counsel to manage patent and legal data

Managing unstructured data in discovery is a challenge. More than ever, legal professionals recognize the need for an e-discovery solution, but most products are costly and difficult to use. Our XCM-Discovery Appliance provides users an easy to use and cost effective strategy for dealing with project data

Xpriori LLC, a pioneer of intelligent information management technologies, today announced the installation and enterprise deployment of its XCM-Discovery product at DirecTV Corporation. DirecTV will use XCM-Discovery for the management of patent data and other electronic documents used by corporate counsel. XCM-Discovery is a software application used by business professionals to aggregate, manage and discover the content, context and metadata properties of information assets.

DirecTV installed XCM in a storage area network (SAN) environment, supporting their Los Angeles and Denver offices, as well as to support outside counsel. Changes in the federal rules concerning access to discoverable information have created a demand for advanced e-Discovery solutions. Attorneys not only have access to paper based documents, but also to electronically stored information from servers, hard drives, removable media, e-mail accounts and networks. This means that attorneys have more information available to them to prove their case; yet, it also means substantially more documents and other information to review and manage.

"Managing unstructured data in discovery is a challenge. More than ever, legal professionals recognize the need for an e-discovery solution, but most products are costly and difficult to use. Our XCM-Discovery Appliance provides users an easy to use and cost effective strategy for dealing with project data," said Tim Dix, a former attorney and now CEO of Xpriori. "We developed our approach to simplify the discovery process, take users directly to content and put the focus back on the case, rather than worrying about how to use the technology. The ROI is so compelling that the user often pays for the product before their first case or project is over."

XCM-Discovery Appliance simplifies the discovery process. It enables users to gather information from any source and load it into a single repository for discovery, review and management. Scanned paper files are automatically made text searchable through embedded OCR and e-mail PST files are extracted, making XCM a turnkey source for managing ninety eight percent of all discoverable electronic assets. The solution works in the following manner:

  • Aggregate and load all discovery information into XCM from both electronic and paper sources without first having to engage in complex document profiling and without having to create metadata. XCM has a simple to use, user control panel also called a "Transfer Agent". The Transfer Agent automatically facilitates loading information into system. It is a point and click process for the user, the system does the work.
  • Bates Stamp documents in the system to preserve the path of possession. XCM allows the user to automatically convert copies of all files in the system to PDF, where they are then Bates Stamped. The original files remain intact.
  • Search and discover relevant content among all documents in the system. Users employ a variety of powerful search features to quickly drill into the information using combinations of free text search, metadata search and advanced search capabilities.
  • XCM automatically creates a substantial amount of metadata - such as user, file extension, and the like - and enables the user to add and immediately search such metadata as he determines might be helpful.
  • Review relevant information by opening discovered documents instantly in their native format. The search terms used in the query are automatically highlighted in the original document for identification and to see their context in the document.
  • Organize information easily into special Research Folders. In Research Folders, multiple users can have access to the same documents and organize the same document into several folders as it pertains to various contexts without making multiple copies.
  • Comment on discovered information using annotation and note taking features. Users can make annotations on documents and on folders of to preserve their thoughts and other information while building their case or project. Create as many annotations as needed of any length. These are not mere electronic "post-It"™ notes.
  • Extract discovery results from XCM for further use with two mouse clicks. Discovered information can be "packaged" for use in presentation software or to be used in other aspects of the case or project.

"I recognized the value of XCM-Discovery right off the bat, and started using it without much by way of training. It is just that intuitive. I easily aggregate all sorts of information into the system, perform a search and quickly get results," said Tom Haskins, a lawyer and veteran of 30 years in complex litigation and an avid XCM user. "I can effortlessly sift through volumes of information, organize what I need and build my case in mere days or hours, not weeks or months. This thing is easy to use and I can manage it without worrying about how to decipher the technology."

The Xpriori XCM-Discovery Appliance enables users with a straightforward electronic environment for managing discovery information. The system is used for receipt and review or review and production of information. XCM is also called a "SMART Repository" because of the added feature sets that enable users with various means of access to the information contained therein. Users can use XCM-Discovery Appliance for eDiscovery or as a repository for storing knowledge and intelligence they have created from their information

The Xpriori XCM-Discovery Appliance is available from Xpriori and Xpriori Authorized Channel Partners. Product pricing is dependant upon configuration and usage. XCM-Discovery Appliance is currently deployed in the United States. For additional information, please visit http://www.xpriori.com.

About Xpriori, LLC.
Xpriori is a technology innovator and developer of the self-constructing XML database, the Xpriori XMS Information Management System, which uses the company's patented Digital Pattern Processing (DPP) technology. Xpriori's products allow developers and end users rapidly respond to changing business requirements by eliminating costly database development time. Xpriori's products enable the creation of flexible business applications that easily adapt to heterogeneous and ever-changing data sets. Xpriori also offers both: XCM, a powerful SMART Repository solution that fosters business intelligence and a product called Insight, an interactive drill down / drill around analysis and discovery tool for powerful ad-hoc information exploration.

Founded in 2003, Xpriori is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a national center for technological innovation. Xpriori products are sold globally, directly through Xpriori and through authorized resellers. Additional information is available by visiting http://www.xpriori.com or by calling (303)-482-2321.


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