Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders Introduced by Super Sized Cycles

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Super Sized Cycles builds on electric bike benefits to create the first electric assist bike for heavy people. The iZize holds 425 pounds and allows all riders the joy of biking while providing the helping hand of an electric motor.

http://www.SuperSizedCycles.com & Zize Bikes, the only manufacturer of bicycles for the obese, announces its iZize line. Joan Denizot, President of Super Sized Cycles and Zize Bikes, explains that "most bikes are not built strong enough for obese people. There is a very real risk of injury to the rider if the bike or tire crumbles because of the weight." She continues, "Super Sized Cycles is all about providing the tools so that people of all sizes can have the fun and benefits of bike riding."

Electric bikes provide a real benefit to all riders who want to use an extra source of energy. "For people of size, electric bikes are a godsend," says Denizot. Because of the difficulties in carrying their body weight, as well as the fact that many very heavy people are also out of shape, riding a bike on anything other than a flat or downhill surface can be challenging. An electric bike is the perfect solution. The bike comes with a battery-powered motor that makes a dramatic difference for the obese rider.

"The absolute perfect thing about bike riding," says Denizot, "is that not only is it a blast, but it saves you money, lets you move fast on your own speed, and is excellent for your body. The fact that it's non-weight bearing and easy on your joints makes it ideal for almost everyone."

"Electric bikes are great," she continues, "but what are really wonderful are the electric assist bikes. These are bikes that are powered by the rider's pedaling as well as the motor. We are not talking about scooters; we're talking about bicycles that are moved by the riders' pedaling and by a battery-generated motor." By getting the extra power from the motor, riders will keep pedaling more regularly, thereby increasing their heart rate and making their ride a more aerobic workout.

"It's really win - win! You keep pedaling because you don't get exhausted, and by the regular, steady, rhythm of the pedaling you are increasing your heart rate and giving yourself a better, more consistent work out, " says the owner and inventor. This combination makes bike riding fun and easy to do, no matter what the weight of the rider.

"The irony with electric bikes, as with regular bikes," says Denizot "is that they're rarely built to hold more than 200 pounds. A heavy-duty one goes up to 225." With 2/3 of the population of the US overweight or obese, that's just not strong enough. Depending on the selection, a bike or electric bike from Super Sized Cycles can hold 550 pounds. The weight limit for each bicycle is clearly stated on the website, so that riders know which bikes are best suited for them.

Super Sized Cycles sells electric bikes that are built strong. Additionally, Zize Bikes, the manufacturing branch of Super Sized Cycles, has adapted some of the Currie Technologies' iZip bikes for their new line, which are aptly called "iZize."

"Zize is all about attitude," explains Denizot, the founder of the movement. "My experience is that a lot of people are tired of being categorized because of their size. So what if they're big? So what is they're scrawny? So what if they're 7 feet tall? They're people, and they want to live life to the fullest. This is the Zize attitude!"

According to Denizot, "What we've done is taken the strongest iZip bicycles, made by Currie Tech, and beef them up." There are certain areas that are benefited by upgrading the parts. They have upgraded the seat, seat post, and collar, the handlebar stem, the tires, and the pedals. There is also a new, stronger crank which upgrades the bike from 7 to 14 speeds. These parts, which are built for tough, endurance riding, provide significantly improved strength to the bikes.

Denizot selected iZip bikes because she's impressed with the quality of the bicycles they build. "We've had a relationship with Currie Tech for quite a while now, and they build a terrific bike and back it up. They are at the forefront of making outstanding electric bikes. Currie Tech is very focused on using safe, lithium batteries, and all of the batteries they used are safety tested, as are all of their bikes." While not every iZip bike is a candidate for iZize, Denizot works closely with the team at Currie Tech to identify the best bikes for her adapted line.

For additional information on iZize bikes, the Electric Bikes with Attitude, go to http://www.SuperSizedCycles.com.

About Super Sized Cycles and Zize Bikes:
The only manufacturer of bikes for obese people, Super Sized Cycles is committed to helping all people enjoy the joys of bike riding. Zize is Size with Attitude, created to empower and inspire people of all sizes.

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