A Different Mode of Christian Fiction

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Michael Healy, a resident of Steubenville, OH, has written a different kind of Christian fiction, which straddles various genres and evades literary conventions to provide a unique reading experience. Part sci-fi/fantasy, part myth and legend, part historical fiction, part religious fiction, it tells a tale of war crimes, vengeance, magic, blood, and redemption.

Most books can easily be categorized into one genre or another. Not so with Michael Healy's "The Knight of Power." Michael, a resident of Steubenville, Ohio, worked on this book for twenty years.

As the book developed, the author's aims, originally limited to his own entertainment, became more focused: write a fantasy adventure story which has philosophical and spiritual depth, a complex plot, a classical use of the English language, a unique style, and a great deal of action.

The book tells the story of Adam and Moonbeam, a half-viking prince and princess seeking to defend their realm from the vengeance of its enemies, and of Aaron Red, a warrior and wizard who is among the foremost of thsee enemies. As the two sides struggle, a number of other characters become involved, all of whom have their own agendas and some of whom would be more than happy to use the warring factions as pawns in their own bid for power. Much of the action takes place on Earth, but not all, and the events that take place beyond earth involve the cultures and language of the non-human inhabitants.

As the years have gone by, Michael has woven into it elements of half a dozen genres, and evaded many of their conventions. In one way or another, "The Knight of Power" includes elements of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, religious fiction, myths and legends from many cultures, philosophy, and theology, but at the same time will offer new ideas and experiences to fans of all these genres. The book would most likely be classified as fantasy or science fiction/fantasy, as that is probably its closest equivalent, but this should not detract from its broader appeal.

The book is available through Lulu (lulu.com), the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on demand books. Michael made the decision to publish with Lulu because he wanted to have complete control over the editing and formatting of the book and because print-on-demand technology makes more sense to him than traditional publishing at this time and for this project.

Michael Healy was born in Dallas, Texas in 1977. During the first nine years of his life, the family moved frequently, and even returned to the Dallas area for a few years, where he attended kindergarten and first and second grade. While there, Michael, a lifelong fan of the Arthurian legends and of J.R.R. Tolkien, invented a game of knights and wizards to play with his friends. After moving to Steubenville, Michael still felt nostalgia for the old game and decided to write it down. Initially, he only wrote what he remembered from the playground, but he soon began creating new material - and as he matured, so too did the content. Now, twenty years later, the book is complete!

"The Knight of Power" by Michael Healy is 296 pages long, and is available for purchase at: http://www.lulu.com/MichaelHealy


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