Skanadario Will Demonstrate Easy Ways To 'Green' Kitchens and Baths at the 2009 Plano Live Green Expo

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The proverbial compact fluorescent light bulb has finally come on. A critical mass of consumers have become concerned enough about the environment to consider factors like energy and water conservation when buying, building, remodeling, or just replacing an old appliance or plumbing fixture. "There's no better way to embrace the green movement than with a home makeover," says Jeffrey Goodman, Vice President of Skanadario by Goodman Supply, a North Texas kitchen and bath showroom. "Whether part of a large full-scale remodel or just a small replacement job, homeowners can easily incorporate many simple green ideas." Skanadario will present several green products at the upcoming Live Green Expo in Plano on April 18, 2009 at the Plano Centre.

Skanadario will demonstrate and discuss the following "green" kitchen and bath products at the 2009 Plano Live Green Expo.

Water Saving Faucets and Showerheads
Replacing existing showerheads and faucets with new low-flow versions is a simple process with immediate benefits. New technologies allow these fittings to maintain a full flow feeling with significantly less water. Low-flow showerheads decrease flow rates from 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) to as low as 1.5 gpm, a 40% savings. New pressure compensating aerators now come standard on all American Standard lavatory faucets reducing the flow rates from a standard 2.2 gpm to 1.5 gpm, a 30% savings.

Low Flow Toilets
Low-Flow Toilets come in two varieties. One is a High Efficiency Toilet (HET), such as the American Standard FloWise HET toilet, which uses only 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), 20% less than the traditional 1.6 gpf toilets. Another option is a dual flush toilet, like the American Standard FloWise Dual Flush toilet which has a traditional 1.6 gallon flush and a half flush (0.8 gallon) option. Both of these options earned the EPA Water Sense label. To retrofit an existing toilet into a low-flow version, Brondell is introducing the "Perfect Flush" which installs quickly and provides dual flush technology for existing toilets. Goodman recommends that homeowners check their city's website for available rebates.

Bidet Seats
New bidet seats that fit onto standard toilets are now available from Brondell. These seats have posterior and feminine washes and dryers. These seats enable owners to reduce toilet paper usage. In aggregate, using bidet seats could save millions of trees and millions of gallons of water needed to manufacture toilet paper.

Tankless Water Heaters
A properly sized tankless water heaters produce water as fast as it's used and never runs out. There are numerous benefits to using a tankless water heater. First, it uses less gas than a conventional tank-type gas water heater because it only fires when hot water is needed. Second, it is more efficient in its use of gas when it is burning, and it maintains that efficiency over the life of the heater. A tank heater will lose its efficiency over time as the tank fills with sediment resulting in the inefficient heating of rock. Next, tankless water heaters have 2-3 times the expected life of a tank-type heater. Manufacturers expect tankless heaters to last 15-20 years, far longer than the typical 7-10 years for a tank-type heater. Because they are tankless, there's no risk of a tank rupturing and flooding a house. Tankless heaters are space savers due to their compact size. Finally, it's important to note that tankless water heaters produce instantaneous hot water at the heater. It still takes the same amount of time for the hot water to travel to the faucet. Recirculating pumps can help with that issue.

Recirculating Pumps
Recirculating pumps use a 3rd line or the cold water line to return water to the heater for circulation throughout the home. This enables users to have hot water immediately after turning on the hot tap. "Using a recirculating pump saves thousands of gallons of water that don't have to be dumped down the drain while waiting for hot water," says Goodman. Recirculating pumps can be used in conjunction with timers and temperature probes so that the pump only operates during certain peak hours or when the water dips below a certain temperature. TACO offers an "On Demand" system that enables users to push a conveniently located button to turn the pump on. Recirculating pumps can be used with tank-type or tankless water heaters.

Greywater System
Greywater systems capture used water from tubs, showers, and washing machines, cleans and filters the water, and reuses it for flushing toilets. These systems can help save 30-40% of household water consumption. Implementing a greywater system requires advance planning in the early stages of designing and building a home and aren't practical in a remodel.

Chilled Filtered Water Dispensers
Goodman says over 2 million tons of water bottles make their way to landfills each year. "Recycling helps, but the greener option is a filtered water dispenser at the sink," states Goodman. Everpure makes compact chillers and filters that easily fit under any sink. Combined with a decorative dispenser and a reusable container, the system provides over one gallon of chilled filtered water per hour and eliminates the need for bottled water.

High Efficiency Dishwashers
"Dishwashers are one of the largest consumers of household water. Replacing current dishwashers with new eco-friendly options can drastically cut back water and energy use," says Goodman. Bosch's new Ascenta line, starting at under $500, dispels the myth that green products are more expensive. For the most advanced dishwashers with features like separate cutlery racks, specialty wash programs, advanced ecowash options, and intelligence to know when dishes are clean to end the wash cycle early, look for Miele, a European manufacturer of ultra premium appliances.

Front Load Washing Machines
"Top load washing machines are also responsible for an enormous amount of water consumption," Goodman explains. "Filling the entire tub with water, like a top loader, can use as much as 30% more water than the partial fill that a front loading washer uses." Front loaders also typically have a much higher spin speed, which will extract more water in the spin cycle. This greatly reduces drying time and energy. Goodman also points out that front loading washers are gentler and can increase the life of your garments, providing additional reasons to make this easy green upgrade.

For more ideas on green kitchen and bath products, contact Skanadario at 972-668-4663 or To see and learn more about these products, visit the showroom or visit Skanadario's booth at the Plano Live Green Expo on April 18 at the Plano Centre.

About Skanadario:
Skanadario, Iroquois for "beautiful water," is the showroom division of Goodman Supply. The showroom features decorative plumbing, elegant hardware, and luxury appliances. The plumbing part of the showroom, one of the only American Standard gallery showrooms in the country, displays a wide range of kitchen and bath products, including American Standard's Jado and Porcher luxury brands. Additionally, the showroom carries international designer lines and local products from Texas-based artisans and companies.

The appliance showroom features luxury appliances from Viking, Miele, Thermador, and Bosch. Additional specialty lines include Vent-A-Hood, U-Line, Asko, Gaggenau, Hoshizaki, and Independent. Working displays include Miele's Master Chef Oven as well as its Steam Oven, Speed Cook Oven, and built-in coffee maker.

Skanadario is located at 9750 John W. Elliott Drive in Frisco. The showroom is open Monday from Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information on Goodman Supply and Skanadario, contact the showroom at 972-668-4663 or visit


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