20,000 Students Turned Into Mini-Einsteins - On the First Day of Spring

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New scientifically-proven brainwave CDs help users get "new brains" in time for summer.

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People worry about getting a new body for the summer. The Brain Evolution System goes one step further, and gives you a fantastic new brain!

As the first dawn of spring blossoms today, students of a new "brainwave program" are preparing to change their lives, and their minds, for the summer.

Today, over 20,000 students of the "Brain Evolution System" are being encouraged to use the program to increase thinking speed, raise energy levels, boost creativity and release bad habits.

The Brain Evolution System is a 6-CD brainwave meditation program that uses specialized sounds to influence your brainwaves - putting your mind into a state of peak performance.

Today, on the first day of spring, co-creator Lee Benson, launched an initiative to encourage its 20,000 users throughout the globe to revisit the program, and tap into their own inner genius.

"People worry about getting a new body for the summer. The Brain Evolution System goes one step further, and gives you a fantastic new brain!" commented Benson. "Now is the perfect time to start, or resit the program. Turn yourself into Einstein- just by listening to a relaxing CD. It simply can't get any easier than that."

The audio program uses a technique known as "brainwave entrainment" to achieve its results. Based on over 150 years of industry research, the program was developed by brainwave meditation pioneer Michael Kelley.

Since its public launch back in November 2008, the Brain Evolution System has already achieved widespread industry recognition, including kudos from self-development leaders such as Mark Joyner (Simpleology.com), Bob Bly (Bly.com), and Karl Moore (KarlMoore.com).

One industry fan is David Riklan, founder of the #1 personal development website, SelfGrowth.com. Commenting on the system, Riklan said: "I personally believe the Brain Evolution System to be one of the most powerful self-development tools on earth. Double your ability to learn, think like a genius, release stress - just by spending 30 minutes listening to a simple audio recording."

The entire 6-level program is currently available as a 21-day trial, and each purchase comes with its own 7-month, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In addition, the official website is currently offering two month's supply of its mind-sharpening supplement, Acuity, when ordering.

For press queries, including product demos, please contact support(at)brainev.com.

For a video introduction to BrainEv, visit http://support.brainev.com/introductory-video

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