VisMini 2.0 Carry-On Stereo 3D Projector, Low Cost, No Silver Screen - Available Now from Valley View Tech

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VisMini 2.0 Portable Stereo 3D Projector, from Valley View Tech, cutting-edge technology, lowest-price (US $13,995), highly portable and versatile, passive stereo 3D projector-pair display system - less than one-half the price/weight of competitive systems with NO silver screen needed for display.

Valley View Tech, a Silicon Valley-based marketing and sales firm specializing in high-quality, high-tech products for 3D visualization, virtual reality, and immersive 3D, today announced the availability of VisMini 2.0 by Visbox, Inc. VisMini is the value leader in high-quality, truly-portable (fits in an airplane overhead), passive stereoscopic 3D projectors and requires no silver screen -- no more need to carry around an additional 50-100 pounds. The system is ideal for anyone who wants the dramatic impact of stereo 3D and needs to "take stereo 3D on the road."    

VisMini 2.0 weighs just 11 pounds, is approximately the size of a three-ream stack of standard paper (11.2" wide x 9" deep x 6.3" high), and is the first truly portable passive stereo 3D solution. The VisMini projector comes with a hardened Pelican™ case, enabling the user to move quickly through airports with convenient carry-on sized baggage that fits in the overhead compartment of most airplanes.

The combined weight of the VisMini Basic with hardened case, glasses, and cables is just 27 pounds. By comparison, other so called "portable" passive stereo 3D projectors cost $35,000 and up, twice the price of the VisMini, and require heavy, cumbersome "silver screens," weighing from 50-to-100+ pounds, too heavy and large to be allowed on board as carry-on luggage. VisMini, the most user friendly 3D stereo projector system available, takes minutes to set up for display on any existing screen or any light-colored wall and projects images that are flicker free for comfortable viewing with passive glasses.

Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Virtual Reality pioneer and co-inventor of the CAVE system, was an early adopter of VisMini. She stated, "I am constantly asked to bring demonstrations of my projects when I travel around the world. VisMini has made it simple and easy to showcase my work outside my lab. VisMini is my personal presentation system for live demonstrations of my 3D work when I am on the road. It is easy carry-on to take with me on planes, quick to set up in most standard conference rooms, and does not require specialized screens or computers."

VisMini is a general-purpose stereo display system that can be used to display a variety of stereo 3D applications and is designed for commercial and academic use -- ranging from medical research and training to geosciences to architecture to entertainment. Any application that supports OpenGL quad-buffered stereo will work with VisMini in stereoscopic 3D mode. This includes applications such as Maya from Autodesk, Discovery Studio from Accelrys, and Second Life in stereoscopic mode. Software designed for active stereo 3D will also project from VisMini.

"The VisMini allows you to walk into any conference room and be ready to present 3D visualizations within a couple of minutes. It is the ideal portable 3D stereo presentation solution," said Paul Rajlich, Vice President, Visbox, Inc. "We are excited to be working with Valley View Tech to help expand the awareness of VisMini and the other Visbox stereo display products to a broader array of both commercial and academic customers around the world."

VisMini 2.0 Basic is available immediately from Valley View Tech for the special introductory price of US$ 13,995. VisMini Basic includes:

  •     VisMini projection unit;
  •     One premium and four standard pairs of glasses;
  •     Video and power cable;
  •     Rugged carry-on travel case.

The VisMini 2.0 Basic, including its rugged carry-on case, weighs just 27 pounds and fits in the overhead of most airplanes.

Valley View Tech offers VisMini 2.0 Complete, also available immediately, for the special introductory price of US$ 17,995. VisMini Complete includes:

  •     VisMini projection unit;
  •     Mobile workstation computer with NVIDIA™ Quadro FX graphics card;
  •     DVI to VGA converter;
  •     One premium and four standard pairs of glasses;
  •     Video and power cables;
  •     Rugged, check-in-size travel case to carry all of the above.

The entire VisMini Complete, with case, weighs just 47 pounds and can be taken along as checked baggage.

Both VisMini 2.0 Basic and VisMini 2.0 Complete are calibrated by, and shipped directly from Visbox and carry the Visbox standard warranty.    

About Valley View Tech:
Valley View Tech, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Silicon Valley, markets, sells, and distributes high-quality, high-tech stereo 3D display products, specifically focused on 3D visualization, immersive 3D, and virtual reality. Valley View Tech represents Visbox' VisMini™ Portable Stereo 3D Projector Displays; Immersive 3D Displays - VisDuo™, VisBox™, and VisCube™; and High Resolution Tiled Displays - VisWall™ and VisWall-LCD™. For more information, please visit:

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