Montmorillonite Clay is a Natural Alternative to Over the Counter Antihistamines.

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Clay has many medicinal uses. Most people are unaware that clay can be consumed to offset the damages caused by allergic reactions. Zion Health now sells pure calcium montmorillonite clay for children and adults suffering from allergies. Haim Zion, president of Zion Health claims he eats clay every day. "The thought of eating clay sounds strange to most of us, however, some clays such as Montmorillonite contain a rich nutrient content that can provide a long list of health benefits."

Zion Health announces Kanwa Minerals Powder as a new addition to its healing clay skin care line that helps immediately alleviate rashes and skin ailments due to allergic reactions.

Kanwa Minerals contain pure calcium montmorillonite that may be consumed daily to help prevent allergic reactions on the skin caused by certain foods, dust, chemicals, plants, and even stress. Kanwa helps absorb histamines without any negative side effects. The adsorption process is relatively quick, and almost instantaneous in many cases.

Allergies and hay fever are caused by histamines. The liver may become plugged up with toxins and fatty tissue and therefore cannot produce the necessary antihistamines to neutralize the allergic reactions. A person with allergies may also have an oversensitive immune system. When it recognizes an allergen, it may release histamines that cause itching, swelling, mucus production, muscle spasms, hives, rashes, and other symptoms, which vary from person to person.

Standard over the counter antihistamines contain negative side effects when consumed for a long period of time. Antihistamines may thicken mucus secretions and can worsen bacterial rhinitis or sinusitis. Antihistamines may also cause drowsiness and impaired thinking, dry mouth, dizziness, agitation, insomnia and chest tightness.

Calcium Montmorillonite is a combination of 90 trace minerals derived from a natural state that can effectively treat allergies and hay fever by absorbing and neutralizing histamines produced by allergens. Kanwa powder can also be made into a paste and applied directly on the skin to soothe itching and swelling. These minerals have been scientifically tested to contain a healthy assortment of nutrients that are safe for consumption and work gently to absorb toxic elements in the body.

Zion Health specializes in healing clay remedies for the skin and internal body. President, Haim Zion along with natural health chemist Sundep Nilesh has formulated a unique line of skin/body care products including moisturizing creams, clay soaps, a natural face wash, and even a clay toothpaste all containing Kanwa Clay.

Zion Health products may be purchased at HealthMart in Pembroke, Yogi House, Family Nutrition, Healthy Habit, Health Nutz, and online at


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