The Irregular Swill is the Emerging Gentleman's Daily Guide To Survival In This Hardened Economy

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The Irregular Swill has been designed by four women to help emerging gentlemen learn the tools to becoming a refined man. It was created on the theory that refinement can certainly be learned and that sophistication is not a birthright but rather a learning process. We feature articles on fashion, grooming, appearance and intellect and aim to enhance all these important attributes by cultivating a safe space for men to explore what's current in Art, Fashion, Romance and beyond.

How to have a rich dinner on a small budget

LAUNCHING The Irregular Swill - The one-stop lifestyle guide for the emerging gentleman. It is NOW here, at our NEW blog, that young men everywhere will finally be guided through understanding the perils of Art, Romance and Fashion during these hardened economic times. This new blog was created on the theory that refinement can be learned and that sophistication is not a birthright but rather a learning process, which is especially fitting during these economically troubled times.

The creators and authors of The Irregular Swill have all had a long-standing relationship with fashion in New York City, as they have all interned at Vogue Magazine, Albright Fashion Library and studied fashion together in Paris, France. Armed with their collective perspective they have combined their unique knowledge of aesthetics and culture and re-focused their perspective on men. The rarity of women dedicating their immense knowledge bank to male based need is not only innovative, but excitingly powerful as most men's publications and blogs are both written and produced by men. This alternative perspective will immediately yield growth potential to all the blog's visitors, as they will be instantly able to navigate through the mind of a woman - a rare circumstance indeed.

Historically speaking, women had the Women's Movement to motivate a collective consciousness, while men were left with staple examples of how to look, how love and how to live. And while publications like GQ and DETAILS surfaced to celebrate the "made man" very few publications offer a man the insight on how to get there. But as times evolve and qualifications advance, gender then demands new definitions as well and it is imperative to have a publication to help tailor this movement and the creators of The Irregular Swill are poised to do just that.

Their articles, which range from "How to tie a Bow Tie" to "How to have a rich dinner on a small budget" all speak to The Irregular Swills intention to show men everywhere how to refine their taste without changing their goals, careers or desires. This online publication allows even "Joe The Plummer" the knowledge of the established gentleman and offers the techniques they need to not only dress the part but to become the man all in the privacy of their own homes.

To ensure that every man every where is given the same chance at refinement we encourage you to come visit our site and finally delve into the man you know you should be.

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Thank you for your time,
The ladies of The Irregular Swill.

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