Corticon's Next Generation Business Rules Delivers Tenfold Acceleration and Superior Scalability

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Corticon overcomes 1st Generation BRMS ease-of-use and performance shortcomings

My rule projects were stymied because those with the knowledge of the rules logic did not have the technical skills required to implement rules in the proprietary technical language

Corticon Technologies®,, a leader in Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), provides the industry's only model-driven rules solution, offering unprecedented agility and business control. In addition, Corticon offers the industry's first rules engine with linear scalability across increasing data payloads. These patented inventions address the major shortcomings of 1st generation rule engines, and are increasingly recognized by the market as evidenced by recent wins at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (, TTX Company ( and Eaton Corporation (NYSE: ETN;, which add to the 200+ customers using the Corticon BRMS.

Corticon's seminal innovation, a completely model-driven rule authoring environment, with built-in, comprehensive logical analysis tools to ensure error-free rules, and integrated, business-friendly testing, sets the benchmark in the industry for ease-of-use. With Corticon, business decision logic can be implemented 10x faster, in large part due to the fact that business domain experts are enabled to model, analyze, and test business rules without reliance on custom-built infrastructure or programming specialists. In addition, all business decision logic in Corticon is declarative and completely transparent, making it understandable to stakeholders across the organization, and easy to manage change, which drives greater business agility. In short, Corticon has delivered to the Business Rules industry what spreadsheets have brought to the world of financial modeling, analysis, and applications.

Corticon's unique architecture and approach were born from the frustrations its founders experienced first-hand, as users of 1st Generation BRMS offerings. "My rule projects were stymied because those with the knowledge of the rules logic did not have the technical skills required to implement rules in the proprietary technical language", states Mark Allen, CEO and Founder of Corticon. "Providing a truly model-driven rule authoring environment, where all business logic can be expressed in a business-friendly modeling metaphor and language, collapses the design and implementation cycle, which significantly improves quality and speed-to-solution."

Having solved the most glaring and obvious shortcoming of 1st Generation BRMS offerings, namely ease-of-use, Corticon discovered a second major problem area for legacy BRMS vendors: performance scalability. First Generation BRMS vendors employ the RETE algorithm, or some variation, to execute business rules. While this algorithm is powerful in solving inferencing use cases, the approach requires an enormous amount of data and rules pattern matching to be performed in memory, during execution. As the data being evaluated grows in size and/or complexity, the pattern matching task overwhelms server resources and rule engine performance degrades sharply. This well known phenomenon has been nicknamed "the RETE wall", as performance charts measuring response time against data size/complexity show an exponential degrade, and cannot scale past a ceiling.

Corticon's solution to rule engine performance scalability is a natural by-product of its inherently different, model-driven architecture and approach. Because Corticon is focused on solving the needs of Decision Automation, specifically the reliable and consistent execution of business rules that comprise a decision, rules are managed as a set. Corticon rules are defined, analyzed and tested as a set. Corticon rule set integrity can be guaranteed, so when deployed, the rule set (aka decision service) will execute consistently. Since rules are managed in the context of a set, their interactions and the optimal sequence of execution are known prior to run-time. Corticon leverages this fact and performs optimization and compilation at deployment-time, automatically, enabling a very fast and efficient run-time execution. Executing optimized, compiled decision services is what drives Corticon's superior rule engine performance scalability (for additional details, reference the Corticon whitepaper "Performance and Scalability: An Overview of Corticon's Performance and Scalability")

"Corticon is leading the way towards the Holy Grail of business automation: model-driven development", says Pedram Abrari, Corticon's CTO and Founder. "Corticon's model-driven architecture is the key difference that drives order-of-magnitude business improvements in time-to-solution and business change cycles, and linear rule engine performance scalability. Corticon's 2nd Generation BRMS puts the domain experts in control and, perhaps most importantly, has an unparalleled track record of project success."

With the current economic environment, automation projects can be an essential step towards cost reduction while at the same time providing better customer service, more competitive offerings to the market, and comprehensive business control. Backed by a 100% project success record, Corticon's 2nd Generation BRMS delivers superior customer value and ROI. To learn more about Corticon's 2nd Generation BRMS, get a free copy of the whitepaper "Next Generation Business Rules: Realizing the Potential".

About Corticon Technologies
Corticon Technologies, Inc. delivers software solutions that unleash "The Power of DecisionsTM", helping organizations achieve unprecedented automation, agility and control of operational decision-making tasks. Many of the world's most successful organizations rely on Corticon's Business Rules Management System (BRMS) to discover, model, execute and improve their operational decisions in areas such as claims adjudication, underwriting, order processing, diagnostics, compliance and audit.

Corticon is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California, with European headquarters in the Netherlands, worldwide distribution via regional offices and an extensive partner network. Recognized as a leading BRMS vendor by industry analysts and thought leaders, Corticon's products are in use today at many of the world's largest banks, insurance companies, media companies, telecommunication providers and government organizations, collectively automating millions of decisions per day.


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