New York Liposuction Patients Benefit from Smartlipo MPX System

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The surgeons at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery now offer Tarrytown liposuction patients the benefit of a breakthrough device, Smartlipo™ MPX, which allows patients to enhance their body contour more comfortably and quickly than traditional approaches.

Body contouring procedures are getting a "lift," as patients near Tarrytown can now benefit from a new, technologically advanced New York liposuction procedure that offers significant benefits over the standard approaches. The board-certified plastic surgeons at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery ( are introducing the Smartlipo™ MPX laser liposuction system to their Tarrytown, NY practice. This device eliminates excess fat using a unique dual-wavelength laser technology that offers smoother results and enhanced skin tone compared to non-laser methods.

"Our practice is dedicated to providing each patient with a customized cosmetic surgery procedure based on their unique needs," says Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon at the New York Group. "Smartlipo's unique technology allows us to achieve a higher level of precision that enables us to carefully tailor a procedure to a patient's goals, and the results have been remarkable."

Smartlipo MPX is a revolutionary advancement in liposuction technology because it implements multiple laser wavelengths that when combined, melt fat very efficiently while at the same time preventing the kind of tissue damage that sometimes was associated with early laser liposuction systems in New York. Older liposuction techniques tended to damage surrounding tissue because they required the surgeon to manually move a large cannula (liposuction wand) to break up fat cells. By contrast, the MPX system's blended wavelengths help limit postoperative discomfort by melting the fat before it is removed. As a result, the system prevents much of the tissue damage that causes swelling and postoperative pain, ultimately allowing for smoother, faster recovery.

"A lot of thought goes into what procedures we choose to perform," says board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. R. Michael Koch. "We don't rely on the latest fads or trends in New York cosmetic surgery. Instead, we research each new option extensively and think critically about whether it will benefit our patients in real terms. Our goal is to ensure that we are offering our patients options that are safe, healthy, and up to date."

The MPX system also has marked advantages over other recent high-tech liposuction systems because while the blended wavelengths help focus the laser's heat away from the skin, they still allow for a thermal effect on subcutaneous collagen layers. By heating deep skin layers at the same time as the fat is removed, the system allows the body to tighten skin from the inside out, while stimulating it to produce collagen to firm and smooth skin.

"Before, patients who had lower collagen levels or who already were experiencing minor looseness of their skin due to weight loss or age had to think twice about whether they wanted to undergo liposuction," notes Dr. Koch. "While any body contouring procedure requires careful thought and planning to ensure a positive result, Smartlipo allows patients to feel more confident that after their procedure, they will be able to enjoy the outcome they want."

The introduction of the Smartlipo MPX system at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery coincides with the redesign of their Web site. The site offers information and resources on the practice's full range of New York plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, including more extensive information on liposuction surgery.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery ( provide plastic and cosmetic surgery patients with a full range of procedures including liposuction, breast augmentation, and facial enhancements. All six surgeons have trained extensively in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery techniques, and are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Their fully equipped surgical center also offers advanced options such as breast reconstruction, in addition to nonsurgical medical enhancements such as BOTOX® Cosmetic.


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