Consumer Credit Scores Jump 287 Points in 90 Days Despite Recession

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Credit repair guru Brian Diez says take action to raise credit scores and explains how to find credit clean up services to score more credit in less time and become part of the economic recovery.

Fast credit repair is possible even in an economic slowdown

Despite a deepening recession, some consumers have raised their credit scores as much as 287 points in 90 days. "Fast credit repair is possible even in an economic slowdown," reports credit repair guru Brian Diez.

"People are stuck in pessimism and hopelessness and have lost sight of the fact that there are solutions," reports the credit clean-up expert who has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and Dow Jones Market Watch.

Diez is also a spokesperson for Score More Credit, the face and 'voice' of the company for its podcast and blog. At, Diez offers free tips and advice for people seeking to achieve a platinum credit score of 700 or above

Credit Repair Services Are White Hats
Diez urges consumers to seek the help of professional credit repair services "despite all the credit horror stories in circulation." He says the credit repair companies aren't being fairly represented and "No one is covering the 'good news' that thousands of people have had their bad credit repaired thanks to work of honest credit repair services."    

The reason for this campaign of mis-information? "The credit reporting bureaus have a strangle hold on the government and press," comments Diez. "They have big money to spend on lobbyists." He notes that "the family that owns TransUnion is one of the richest in the country."

How to Avoid the Black Hats
While he knows that the vast majority of credit repair services are on the up and up, Diez acknowledges that "Considering there are no licensing requirements or certifications to pass, just about anyone can open a credit repair company and claim to be an expert." His free report How to Fix Credit Without Getting Scammed is available online at

Diez also recommends using the following 3-point questionnaire as a guide to "identifying companies that will help, rather than do even more harm to your credit."

  • Does the service include a free credit review? "My clients receive a free credit review so they understand what's holding your credit score down," says Diez. "That serves as a starting point to see how my offices can be of service and what kind of results the client can anticipate."
  • Does the service provide regularly updated online progress reports? "Credit monitoring is part of credit repair," explains Diez. He recommends that consumers look for a service like his that "specializes in the permanent deletion of inaccurate late payments, collections, liens, charge offs, inquiries, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossessions."
  • Does the service negotiate on your behalf? Most consumers have no idea how to negotiate unpaid collections for deletion or settlement. "I believe that knowledge is power, so I recommend that consumers ask."
  • Does the service take care of your past, your present, AND your future? "The best way to manage your credit is to understand it," says Diez. "Using our Advanced Credit Modeling technique, we coach our clients on how to build a great credit report "    He points with pride to some clients who were able to raise their credit scores nearly 300 points in less than 2 months.

For additional information, to download a podcast, subscribe to Diez's blog, or to order any of Diez's free resources on fast credit repair, you may visit

About Brian Diez and Score More Credit
Brian Diez is a credit clean up expert dedicated to helping consumers who need fast credit repair. A nearly 10-year veteran of the financial industry, Diez turned his attention to credit repair in 2003. He met with former executives of major lenders, collection agencies, and the credit bureaus to learn how disputes were handled and how they were trained to deal with them to reverse-engineered my own solutions. He launched in 2003 to share those solutions with consumers who want to raise their credit score fast and achieve a ranking of 700 and up.


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