IC Talent Inc: The Vast Range of Opportunities in Today's Economy for the Young Actor

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IC Talent Inc. offers a great licensed environment for young talent the be developed and to successfully obtain work and representation in the Film/TV/Commercial industry. IC Talent holds two weekly evaluations on Wednesday night 7PM and Saturday 1PM at IC Talent, the Institution licensed in the State of California. Currently announcing schorlarships for up to 30% throughout the summer. Helen also warns against the scams and unlicensed entities.

Helen Nadel offers powerful tips for young talent and their family.

First, a special announcement pertaining to student aid. In order to help families cope with the current economical situation, IC Talent will offer scholarships all summer.

Usually the Institution's scholarships are discontinued at the end of February or March. Comes April when pilot season is over, IC Talent programs are ususally brought back up to the list price. These are the dates within which scholarships will still be given by IC Talent this year:

March 1st 2009 to September 30th 2009. The rates are lower by as much as 30%.

The owner of the IC Talent institution was an agent there in New York, ten years ago and she has been the owner of IC Talent Inc, the well known acting school licensed by the State of California.

IC Talent is not only different from other acting schools and from the finishing schools because of the license it holds. The school now offers around the clock one on one training to its students. The private lessons are directly linked to the process known as "running lines". Since a huge percentage of the IC Talent graduates get representation from one of the top five to top twenty agencies in Hollywood, the work throughout pilot season especially, is dense. Children get so many auditions, that the school owner and director decided to offer round the clock sessions, so the talent can work on each and every audition. The sessions are held from 11AM to 9:30PM daily, upon appointments. There is no additional cost for the valuable service offered to the students who succesfuly complete one of the Institution's programs. This licensed entity delivers exactly what families expect to get out of the experience, education and placement program offered by IC Talent. Helen Nadel offers a list of what families and talent would want to avoid. Here is the list of no-nos:

1) Ask right away if the place is licensed in the State of California. If not, just walk.
2) Never pay any money to be evaluated.
3) Avoid places which call an evaluation "an audition" therefore indicating that "they" may be an agency where they actually are one of the finishing/modeling schools.
4) Asked to see DVDs of their clients' work. If indeed they have successfully placed anybody, they should be able to show you the "goods". Kids/talent on Commercials, Film and Television work. If the place cannot produce any of the above, that should give you a clue that they are not legitimate.
5) Ask the names of the agencies and agents who come in. If the school receives no visit from talent agents, there is no outlet for employment. Then ask if those are top 5 to top twenty agents, because you want your children or yourself represented by agents who have enough clout to call casting and get the talent in. Of course, those agencies have to be SAG and AFTRA franchised.
6) Don't take their word for it. You want to hear from parents, talent, graduates, you want to hear happy parents and eloquent, articulate, self-confident and assertive children, give you an account of their own experience so you know that the place is for real.

There are two types of licensing in the State of California, one is such of education and the other one is such of employment. IC Talent Inc holds an educational license in the State of California, while the agents who visit her premises weekly to audition her talent, hold an employment license as well as a franchise with the unions, SAG (The Screen Actors' Guild) and AFTRA (The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

Questions which often pop out from the talent/ parents have to do with cost. For example,
Why do parents have to pay for their kids training? Don't the agents make a percentage? Shouldn't THEY pay for that? Or shouldn't it be a situation where the school charges no money up front and collects a percentage later?

The agents make 10% on film/TV/commercials and 20% on anything modeling, print, runway etc... Hollywood agents absolutely don't pay for their clients to obtain skills in the industry! They require for professional actors to come in prepared with the ability to book work and they expect for the talent to have already obtained head shots or Zed cards and will not pay for that either.

It is the actor's responsibility or her/his parents', to be prepared for the auditions and jobs to come, when an actor/model, obtains representation. As far as IC Talent, all the teachers there are licensed instructors as well, while all the curriculums also are licensed, along with the academy which is tuition based and is not allowed to charge percentages.

The Institution is not allowed to charge percentages as per its licence parameters. The State of California is aware of the tuition rates, along with the programs and curiculums descriptions thereoff.

Actors always have to work on their skills, from monologues to cold readings, to how to interact with other actors and the auditioning process on camera for film, television, commercials etc... In a similar respect, sports require the purchase of gear and necessitate training. No parents would dream on pushing their child onto the ice, wearing a pair of skates for the first time and expect for them to try out to get on a hockey team.

The child would first be given extensive training. Any amount of training in any field, sports, dance, singing, the practice of a musical instrument has to do with training which always means investing on valuable classes and paying tuition money. Acting is hardly different and as long as the school is licensed, investing on acting skills while gaining self confidence and assertiveness is a definite improvement for an aspiring actor, model, public speaker etc... The good news also, is that some kids at IC Talent have as much as half a million dollars in the bank, obtained from work on commercials, film and television!

Spending some time at IC Talent, would allow any potential student to discover that there is no recession in the film TV commercial Industry as the school enjoys the same students' enquiries and registrations as it has for the past ten years. Admission depends upon the result of the evaluation process. Child actors book more work when times are tough.

In commercials for instance, the numbers speak for themselves. Companies advertise more to maintain their bottom line. It is a fact that, when people are worried, they tend to go to the movies or watch something on TV to get their mind off things...Now when things are great, people also turn to entertainment to reward themselves.

Such message of hope for hefty College Funds raised by the children themselves is a great reason for IC Talent's applicants to join. However admission only takes place if the school director and faculty feel that their is natural talent and the ability to be coached. Free evaluations are conducted at the school every Wednesday evening at 7PM and Saturdays at 1PM. Only qualifying talent/children get accepted.

As not everyone is invited to apply either, one needs to call to be seen. The IC Talent administration and faculty will be more then happy to answer questions.



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