Gant Travel Is With The President On This One

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Gant says they are "surprised a few other places just as frivolous as Vegas were not named by President Obama recently."

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman was upset over comments made by President Barack Obama on February 9 when he referred to corporate trips to Las Vegas as an irresponsible waste of taxpayer's money.

Weighing in on the topic is Patrick Linnihan, a self-described cynic and President of Gant Travel Management. He had some ideas for a more complete list of irresponsible trips, and offers Gant's help in holding corporations accountable, even if he has to escort them himself. While he admits he is in a twelve-step program to overcome sarcasm, his recent relapse produced this quick list of travel choices businesses should avoid lest they be deemed irresponsible.

Top ten places/trips President Obama should name as "off limits" to all companies accepting bailout funds, and all responsible Americans everywhere.

10. Any cruise. Who cares if cruises are a real bargain right now? A ship is no place for business! People should have the common decency to stress out in a windowless cubicle instead of helping to pay the loans on all those ships.

9. Cancun. People with no money should just not be seen enjoying themselves here, especially college students or anyone in their 20's. Remember: it's not how much it costs, it's the message it sends that you're just not serious enough.

8. The Pacific Northwest. Seattle and Portland pose serious challenges to anyone attempting to keep careless smiles off their collective faces. Why take the risk?

7. Colorado. No need to think about a cool trip to a place like Dunton Springs where you might be tempted to sleep in old miners' cabins and reflect on the pioneer spirit that made this a great country in the first place.

6. Ireland. Their flagrant use of green is just a slap in the face.

5. Australia. Even though our U.S. dollar stretches a long way here, put it out of your mind. Aussies are far too cheerful and cannot be counted on to remind you that your nation and the world are in a recession. Spas, massages, and shrimp on the Barbie will only ruin your recession-induced productivity.

4. An African Safari. While you might be tempted toward a pilgrimage to the homeland of President Obama's father - resist. If you abandon all sense and go anyway, at least consider a hunting outing to reduce the number of large animals producing methane gas. Do your part to end Global Warming.

3. Alaska. Have you ever seen a Verizon commercial for Alaska? I didn't think so. You may as well throw your cell phone out the window. How are you supposed to maintain your stressful solidarity with the office if you're out of reach? Completely irresponsible.

2. U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico. Don't you understand that you don't need a passport to travel from the U.S. Mainland, Alaska, or Hawaii to either of these places? Think how many State Department employees you're putting out of work! Use your head! Warm sandy beaches are no place for Corporate Pirates and Meeting Mushrooms.

1. Majorca. Avoid it. If you're thinking of a vacation or corporate meeting here, you probably are not affected by the economy and you are missing a bonding event with the rest of America. Moreover, the German tourists are not likely to want to see Americans having a good time now either.

According to Linnihan, Gant is planning on holding all annual meetings in a friend's basement in Bloomington, Indiana. Company retreats, now called "Buck Ups," will be held in the upstairs room at Nick's English Hut.

Gant's vacation and meeting specialist Michelle Myers can be reached for comment at or (630) 227-3840 ext. 117.

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