Spectroscopic Area Monitoring with Isotope Identification and Email / Text Messaging

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The Model 1035 is the latest in spectroscopic radiation area monitoring technology. Remote, always-on monitoring of radiation is easily accomplished with the Model 1035, complete with email notifications and wireless networking. The all digital detection system includes a versatile architecture which allows for quick integration of radiological laboratory analysis into your existing security, video or other monitoring system.

Remote monitoring of radiation levels, with isotopic identification of radionuclides, is accomplished with the Berkeley Nucleonics Model 1035 areaSAM. The fixed monitoring systems provide simple identification data, backed up by full qualitative spectroscopic data, isotope class, isotope specific dose rates and isotope identification in real time. New firmware upgrades allow users to set up multiple email addresses to receive ANSI N42.42 compliant reports. The identification algorithms used are similar to the company's flagship portable isotope identifiers, arguably the world's leading identification algorithms in a non-germanium application.

This feature set is upgradeable in the field and offered to existing areaSAM users at no additional cost. Email notification may be configured for internal use, or for a broader reachback network that addresses your region support teams. Email contents are not encrypted and do not meet classified rating requirements.

"We always try to make new functions field upgradeable. Allowing your 1035 to text or email MCA reports is handy for compliance and record-keeping, as well as addressing unusual events", comments John Yee, Applications Manager.

The areaSAM is a spectroscopic area monitor for waste, nuclear medicine, landfill and recycling facilities, storage or perimeter monitoring applications. Each unit provides time-slice spectroscopic data that can be married to existing data stream protocols or used in addition to other monitoring practices with a simple computer based interface.

About the Company

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation, founded in 1963, is a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. BNC has its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States.

In the mid 1990s, BNC built a strong market position in radiation detection and analysis instrumentation. In 1997 the BNC Nuclear Products Group introduced the SAM 935 Surveillance and Measurement system, the first real-time analysis tool for identification and quantification of multiple radionuclides.

BNC nuclear spectroscopy products now serve a broad cross-section of industries involved in environmental monitoring, health physics, emergency response and power generation. The company has recently begun offering a nationwide radiation detection, surveillance and measurement training program, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of principles and techniques for isotope identification and analysis.

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