Natural Breast Augmentation: Using Your Body's Own Fat

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Dr. Jeffrey Liu, the Medical Director of Miracle Image Medaesthetic Institute, is proud to announce his new procedure and service of Natural Breast Augmentation, using your own fat. This is the first cosmetic center in Las Vegas using the special techniques of liposuction and fat injection to restore the natural and youthful appearance of breasts. His new technique uses the newest FDA approved water liposuction which uses gentle water sprays to loosen up fat from the connective tissue. The fat is then gently and easily removed; and this fat is so pure and extremely successful for fat transfer to breasts for long lasting natural and cosmetic results.

Dr. Jeffrey Liu of Miracle Image Medaesthetic Institute performs water assisted liposuction.

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Miracle Image Medaesthetic Institute urgently announces that it is time to rethink liposuction and breast augmentation. According to Dr. Jeffrey Liu, the Medical Director, the newest FDA approved Water Liposuction is far more superior than any other techniques. It uses water which is the most natural substance to our delicate body to loosen up fat, and then fat is gently and easily removed. There is no general anesthesia nor heavy sedation. There is no laser, ultrasound, or harmful chemical used for the procedure. Water Liposuction is extremely safe and gentle. It is ultra precise and efficient. People walk in and walk out for the procedure; and people see results quickly and recover fast. The upper and lower abdomen and waist can be done in just 2 hours. Patients can go back to their desk work in 1 to 2 days. This is the ultimate liposuction to remove the stubborn areas of fat deposits which do not seem to respond to diet or exercise. To find out more, check

Miracle Image Medaesthetic Institute is the first and only cosmetic center in Las Vegas to perform Natural Breast Augmentation, using your own fat. This is an old concept, but is able to be done now with modern technology and advanced techniques. The fat removed by Water Liposuction is so pure and highly viable. It makes the perfect and natural substance for Natural Breast Augmentation which can increase 1 to 2 cup sizes instantly. The results are incredible, because of the ability to harvest the pure fat by Water Liposuction and the much improved injection technique to the breasts. The ideal patients are those who have lost breast volume from aging, childbearing, nursing, and weight loss. This Natural Breast Augmentation using her own fat can safely restore the lost breast volume and make the breast look and feel natural and youthful.

The whole procedure is done with the patient being awake. The special nerve block provides adequate pain control and patient comfort. The patient can even stand up in front of the mirror in the middle of procedure to help with the final breast reshaping before the procedure is complete. This ability sets the Natural Breast Augmentation apart superiorly from the rest of ordinary breast augmentation. This is not the standard breast augmentation, but this new technique by Dr. Jeffrey Liu is a superb option for patients wanting their breasts to look and feel natural without implants, big incisions, or scars. To find out more, click

Dr. Jeffrey Liu and Miracle Image Medaesthetic Institute continue to pioneer and research to bring tomorrow's technology to the public today. Water Liposuction is FDA approved. Natural Breast Augmentation was presented with scientific data in the Society of Plastic Surgery. There are always people looking for liposuction and people looking for breast augmentation. This press release by Dr. Jeffrey Liu and Miracle Image Medaesthetic Institute wants the public to be aware of these new and possibly better procedures before making their final decision. This press release wants the public to know about these options available for them to choose and compare. Come to find out and experience this cutting edge technology of Water Liposuction and Natural Breast Augmentation. It is safe,easy, and affordable. Call Dr. Jeffrey Liu at 702-6143131, or visit us at


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