KnowledgeStar Publishes New Guide to Uncle Sam Annuity

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An almost forgotten Social Security rule is being recycled by today's Financial Planners. It is being called "The Uncle Sam Annuity". KnowledgeStar has just published a new book that explains everything you need to learn about this new government-backed annuity, including tips and how-to instructions, on their web site at KnowledgeStar ePublishing.

An old, almost forgotten 1950's Social Security rule is being recycled by today's Financial Planners. Called "The Uncle Sam Annuity", it has become the latest weapon in the battle to help Booomers recover from the recent economic meltdown.

According to David Grebow, Social Security expert, "For a long time it was considered an urban legend." Mr. Grebow, CEO of KnowledgeStar, admitted that, "Until a few years ago, almost no one knew it really existed."

The Uncle Sam Annuity has now become one of the few hopeful strategies available to Financial Planners. It allows people between 66 and 70 to repay all their benefits, interest-free, and restart their Social Security payments again at a higher level. Since the government has no readily available information, the details can be found at

According to Financial Planner Melissa Brand, "We realized that if people could change their Social Security benefits at 66 or 70, they would essentially be getting an excellent annuity from the government." She added, "Your Uncle Sam Annuity should become part of your long-range financial planning. The increases you get are substantial, as much as $6 -14,000 a year, and they are guaranteed."

Often, people don't like the idea of delaying money into the future, but given longer life expectancies, many financial planners are trying to convince people to change those views. Some financial planners assume their clients, if healthy, will live to their late 90s or even 100.

According to Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, Economic Professor at Boston university, "People don't necessarily get where the risk is here. When you're dead, you're not going to feel bad because you left money on the table. It's only when you're alive that you've got to care about it. Running out of money before you die is the biggest risk."

Increasing Social Security at 66 or 70 has now become a major part of many financial and retirement plans.The Uncle Sam Annuity is 30-40% cheaper than buying any other annuity, and far less risky than other investment these days. It's one of the few instances where an old rule still works in today's new economy.

Laurence Kotlikoff, who is also the co-author of "Spend 'Til the End", says "The strategy makes perfect sense if you plan for the worst-case scenario of living to 100, rather than to the upper 70's." He estimates there are 8 to 10 million people, between the ages of 65 and 71 who should take advantage of this strategy.

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