New Type of Writing Software Launched - Free Goat With Every Purchase

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Infinity Cafe today launches lightness, a minimalist writing program with far fewer features than a standard word-processor. And a free goat with every purchase.

We thought that it'd add a bit of interest. And after all, not everyone can claim a free goat with every piece of software sold, can they?

Lightness is a writing tool for Windows PCs and Apple Macs which aims to provide a far better writing experience by doing a lot less. It's not a word processor; it's much simpler than that.

Simply put, it doesn't get in the way of the user.

"We think that there's a need for simple elegant software which does one thing very well," said Colin Jones of Infinity Cafe, "rather than bloated software which tries to do far too much and can just end up confusing people."

"It all began last year, when I realized it was easier for me to write using my email program than it was using my word processor. Too many options, too much automatic correcting. Too many features to get in the way. I got annoyed at the squiggly lines underlining my 'mistakes' and my 'i's being automatically capitalized. Yes, I know most of these options can be turned off, but you have to search through menus and options, and to be honest I never get around to it. I just want to be able to type without worrying."

Referring to the American author who often wrote completely in lower case Colin asks, "Have you ever thought how e e cummings would have managed with today's word processors? You try typing a small letter 'i' without backtracking. It can be really frustrating."

Hence lightness, a very simple writing tool which offers no spell-check, formatting, grammar check or pretty much anything else you might expect from a word processor. 'It gets out of the way, so you can get on with writing' is the strapline.

"We do offer a word count though," said Colin, "we're realists, after all. And the user interface is beautiful in its simplicity. It looks great on desktops, laptops and netbooks too. Running in full screen mode it gives you a completely uncluttered experience which is very conducive to writing."

I'm an author myself, so I asked myself what options do I need when I'm in full flow, what helps me to write and what stops me in my tracks. There's a stage in the writing process long before I even think of spelling, formatting or grammar checking when I just need to write as unselfconsciously as possible. It's a stage which traditional word processors seem to ignore."

"I reached the conclusion that what I really wanted was a simple program which let me load and save files, do a very basic printout, and told me how many words I'd typed. I also wanted a clean, elegant interface which let me get on with writing. I wanted a beautiful experience which could be duplicated on all my computers, Mac and PC. I wanted to be able to make the text really big onscreen and also really small, just for fun. Having really big text should make the program useful to visually impaired users too."

"Of course, people will still need their word processors. We're not on a crusade against technology; we just want to offer people another way of working, another choice. I like to load my text into a word processor after I've finished writing in lightness. It makes for a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience. For me, it's the only way to work."

Lightness runs on Mac and Windows, desktops, laptops, and netbooks. Infinity Cafe offer a free trial of the software, so users can decide for themselves if it fulfills their needs. "We understand that people might be a little suspicious of lightness; after all, can less really be more? It's a mindset that people might find a little unusual to begin with. Once they start using the program though, I'm sure they'll see where we're coming from."

A free music download - goat - is being offered with each purchase. "We thought that it'd add a bit of interest. And after all, not everyone can claim a free goat with every piece of software sold, can they?" he added.

Word processor or word precessor? You decide.

Lightness is available now, on Mac or Windows PCs from

Based in the rolling hills of Wales, Infinity Cafe creates products to help individuals reach their full potential, which is infinite.

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