Dan Legg Announced the Formation of Denver's Newest Super-Sleuth Firm, ProbeQuest Investigations on Wednesday

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At a time when many are finding difficult footing in the gloomy business environment, there emerges on the horizon a ray of light that at first appearance might just vanquish the dark landscape that is today's economic meltdown, at least for one Colorado man.

At a time when many are finding difficult footing in the gloomy business environment, there emerges on the horizon a ray of light that at first appearance might just vanquish the dark landscape that is today's economic meltdown, at least for one Colorado man.

"Remember that old TV commercial, when it's right, you know it? That's what we have here". Or, so says 42 year-old Dan Legg of Conifer, Colorado. Legg is a life-long student of finance and business, making his home in Conifer, Colorado with his wife and two teenage children. Since his university days, self-employment has been Dan Legg's forte. As an award winning producer in the field of finance, Dan jumped to the forefront of his industry and with this, garnered the trappings that go along with sudden success. Following a brief hiatus from the world of finance, his interests turned to the internet, where he operated a dot com startup, which was a surprising hit. Again, with his success assured, Dan stepped back from his entrepreneurial world to pursue a new interest associated with the State of Colorado.

"I guess it began as my way of giving back some of the blessings I've received. It was an opportunity to help a lot of people who otherwise may have never had the opportunities I've had in my life," he stated. "Now I've come full circle", Legg declared. "I've decided to launch this venture, because we can do it better than it's currently being done. Of course, I'm aware of today's business environment. And besides, it wouldn't be much fun if there wasn't a challenge associated with it. The way I see it, there isn't anything that can't be solved with ingenuity, a lot of hard work, and faith in God."

With that in mind, Dan Legg announced the formation of Colorado's newest private investigations firm, ProbeQuest Investigations, LLC. As Managing Member, Legg's pronouncement launches an advanced concept in the field of private investigations. With heavy reliance upon new technologies, applied in a manner best described as a "force multiplier", the firm provides large volume case production which is essential to a healthy bottom line.

"Field investigators will employ new technologies in such a manner as to "multiply" their effectiveness many times over", Legg said. "That effectiveness will translate to capitalization of the company, making available options for future growth. With a technological answer to expanded case volume, we will be able to maximize our ability to produce information and results, effectively reducing time spent on individual cases and maximizing efficiency, thus saving the client money and freeing up our investigators and staff for new cases coming to fruition." Legg went on to say, "Even something as fundamental to the investigative effort as an old-fashioned stakeout can now be done in such a way as to minimize operator time and cost, yet still yield highly reliable results. I see technology as key to the success and profitability of the company."

Shortly after the official opening of ProbeQuest Investigations, the company is engaged in talks with the Department of the Navy, negotiating an agreement to provide certain information essential to the smooth operations of matters important to naval personnel and their families. "This is where we want to be," said Legg. "We regard our existing government contacts, as well as those clients who are now providing high-end legal investigations, insurance investigations, and private personal matters as our target market." Cases accepted by the company will be limited and based upon their suitability with regard to the abilities and needs of ProbeQuest Investigations. In this regard, it could be said there is such a thing as a case too small. "There is a portion of the market better left to other players", Legg continued. "We feel our techniques of investigation, outstanding personnel, and reputation within the industry will speak well for us in the market place."

Along with the prescription for good business, Legg went on to describe the relationship shared with ProbeQuest Investigations' clients by saying, "The client is everything in this business. I can't over-emphasize the importance of the client. When you think about it, our clients really hold the key to the success or failure of their cases in their own hands. The relationship between client and investigator is a special one. Often, our investigators are trusted with secrets and information which could threaten the very lives of those who have sought our help. That's a special trust. It can't be betrayed."

Dan Legg's talents and professional expertise in the field of business, specifically self-employment, makes his knowledge pure gold for the many Colorado citizens who have sought his advice daily. While his days are spent counseling would-be tycoons on the finer points of entrepreneurship, for the past five years, Dan's nights have been spent stalking the streets of Denver as a private investigator. "He's a natural", pipes veteran private investigator, V. Lee Gaines. "I've been an investigator in this town for about twenty years now, and I've never met anyone like him. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you, he's brilliant."

Gaines himself started out many years ago as a process server, earning "six-dollars per service", in parts of town that few of us even know exist. As the years rolled by, his contacts within the legal community grew; so too did the opportunity to assist these legal professionals in the ever increasing size and scope of their cases. His knowledge and capabilities for investigative remedies for his clients grew with each passing year. The company developed into a small, but well known, PI firm which today enjoys the success that one might hope would emerge from thousands of eighteen hour days strung back to back over the course of the past two decades.

It was a chance meeting in 2003, as Lee Gaines met Dan Legg for the first time. Gaines explained, "I was hired by a New York insurance company to assist Mr. Legg with some difficulties he was having." The professional relationship quickly became a mutual friendship. Legg's interest in Gaines's line of work also continued to grow. "He was always asking if he could help me with anything. I figured, I could always use some extra help, so why not?" Gaines continued. "Over the next few years, as his role with my company began to increase, I found that we were working together almost all the time."

"I've spent five years teaching him everything I know. That's considerable, if you know the kind of mileage I have on me. It was the Hawaii trip last year that convinced me that Dan was ready to continue on his own. The "Hawaii trip" to which Gaines eludes, proved to be a pivotal point in the relationship shared by the two. It was Christmas of 2007. A client needed answers to some difficult questions, capping an eight-month-long investigation. These answers were to be found on the island of Kauai. Upon arrival, the two faced challenges which made for a difficult stay. "There wasn't even time to smell the orchids. It was all work and no play," Gaines quipped.

It was there and then when Dan Legg rose to the occasion and proved his mettle by demonstrating his mastery of the craft for which he was long groomed. "Things went well, for the most part. We got what we went for, but it wasn't easy", Legg injected. Gaines went on to say, "As we sat on the jet returning to Denver, I told him he was ready to work on his own; he really didn't need my help anymore. It was so clear to me then, this was simply a case of the student surpassing the teacher."

Returning immediately back to Denver and to his role with the State, Legg's thoughts slowly began to turn to again running his own company. For Legg, the calling was a powerful one. His past ventures all proved to be successful for him. That string would not be broken, for soon, he would once again enter the entrepreneurial market and start anew. Thus, the seeds were sewn for Denver's newest break-out super-sleuth firm, ProbeQuest Investigations.

Just a couple of months ago, Dan told me he wanted to start a new investigations company", Gaines recounted. "He wanted me to help him manage it. I told him, it would be an honor. See, what I know about Dan Legg is that he doesn't fail. I'm no idiot; you bet I'm on board!"

For information regarding what ProbeQuest Investigations can do for you, please contact Dan Legg, toll-free at 1-888-505-7526 or visit them at ProbeQuestPI.com.

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