Anti-Aging Capsules Evolving into Mainstream Wrinkle Prevention Treatment

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Wrinkle prevention is easier than most people think. However, most people don't treat wrinkles until it's too late. Skin care experts and forward-thinking dermatologists are advising clients to start infusing the body with proper anti-aging supplements as early as age 14. Adding an anti-aging capsule is not only a way to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, but it's also a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming.

It's annoying, not to mention embarrassing to wake up each morning and walk around with cream on the face. With people waking up early for work, the last thing they want to do is wake up even earlier in order to try to fight the effects of aging

Anti-aging capsules have been popular in China and other parts of the world for years. They are now being touted in North America as a must have supplement in order to prevent wrinkles. Wrinkle creams and eye serums have been hot topics for debate among skin care experts, with many debates stemming from arguments over which ingredients work the best. During these debates, one topic everyone agrees on is the need to consume antioxidants in order to remove dead skin cells and enhance skin rejuvenation. Anti-aging capsules are formulated with plenty of antioxidants.

DermaCaps, a pioneer in the anti-aging industry, offered their view on wrinkle prevention. "People have to think of their skin in the same way they think of their teeth," said Maury Yanda, a spokesman for the company. "Regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits prevent cavities. If teeth are cleaned properly, people don't have to spend money 'correcting' their teeth by filling cavities. The same concept should be applied to how people treat their skin. If the proper nutrients are absorbed on a consistent basis, they act as fuel to keep the skin smooth, shiny, and fresh," said Yanda.

Anti-aging capsules are a safe alternative to messy wrinkle creams. In the case of DermaCaps, the capsules contain ingredients such as donkey hide gelatin, qinghai aweto, and purple perilla.

There are also several advantages of using an anti-aging capsule instead of a wrinkle cream or anti-aging serum. Primarily, there is no messy application process, as there is with a daily wrinkle cream. "Most people don't like to wake up and apply a messy, sticky wrinkle cream to their face. Often times it causes a lot of time washing hands after application, not to mention some creams instruct the user to leave them on their faces for up to 30 minutes," stated Brooke Taylor, another spokesman for the company. "It's annoying, not to mention embarrassing to wake up each morning and walk around with cream on the face. With people waking up early for work, the last thing they want to do is wake up even earlier in order to try to fight the effects of aging," Yanda added. "It's also quite expensive when you break it down. Complete wrinkle cream systems often sell for $120 or more, and they are consumed in less then a month."

Also, wrinkle creams can leave bad odors on the face and hands after application. A Google search of wrinkle cream review websites show many consumers making complaints of a strong odor after applying a wrinkle cream or serum. "Another advantage of anti-aging capsules is that there is no bulky formula to lug around, which is a pain for people who travel. Capsules are 100% TSA compliant, so there is no need to worry about getting them seized in the airport, unlike wrinkle creams and eye serums," Yanda mentioned.

Another advantage of anti-aging capsules is that it's simple to take an exact dose of the formula. Instead of dipping one's hand in a jar of cream, or squirting out a rational portion of a wrinkle serum, one simply consumes the capsules in the morning. With this method, a perfect amount of the ingredients are taken into the body orally and the product works over time as it digests into the body. Consumers won't need to worry about over application, which is a common mishap with wrinkle creams these days. "Consumers can over apply a wrinkle cream and have serious side effects, such as skin irritation, rashes, burning or redness. From my experience in the skin care business, a common complaint manufacturers share is that their customers try to speed up the process by applying too much product. This can come with serious repercussions, and cause a consumer to be turned off by the product," stated Yanda.

There are several other companies marketing anti-aging capsules. Some offer a daily supplement in the form of a vitamin, and some offer "cycles," such as DermaCaps. "If taken twice per year for three months, the body will have digested an acceptable amount of powerful nutrients and antioxidants," Taylor stated. "You can sleep well knowing that you are helping your body prevent wrinkles from forming, and also rejuvenating your skin and treating any wrinkles you already have," Taylor boasted. "Not only do anti-aging capsules remove dead and damaged skin cells, but they stimulate healthy regrowth."

In the ever-changing landscape of skin care, the jury has spoken, and anti-aging capsules have made their way into the mainstream as a must-have part to an overall wrinkle prevention strategy.

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