A Boost of 287 Points in 90 Days Shows Fast Credit Repair Is Possible In Slow Economy

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Credit repair guru Brian Diez shows that fast credit repair in a slow economy with the help of credit clean-up services is an investment with an unparalleled ROI.

People with bad credit scores don't need to be victimized by the current economic crisis

"People with bad credit scores don't need to be victimized by the current economic crisis," says credit repair guru Brian Diez. "People don't realize that it's still possible to repair bad credit fast even in a bad economy."

The mis-information campaign has two chief players, according to Diez. "The credit reporting bureaus have a strangle hold on the government and press," he says. "And the ratings-hungry media knows it can get more viewers when they report doomsday scenarios." The problem, he says, is that the public is only getting half the story.

The other half of the story involves the good work of credit repair services. "Credit repair services make it possible to repair bad credit fast so that consumers can get the best possible rates on the loans they need." As an indication of the trend, Diez points to the success achieved by visitors to ScoreMoreCredit.com, where he offers free tips and advice for people seeking to achieve a platinum credit score of 700 or above

"People report achieving a credit boost of as much as 287 points in just 90 days," he reports. "And that translates into all kinds of 'found' money."

"A higher credit score is just the beginning of the story," explains Diez. "It's being approved for credit, getting the best possible interest rates, and saving thousands of dollars on a loan that make the happy ending for consumers." And when you have a good credit score, "Companies will compete for your business by offering you a better rate," says Diez.

High Credit Scores Mean Low Rates
Credit scores drive everything from credit card and mortgage interest rates to insurance premiums, utility service and job offers. A survey issued by Washington Mutual found if consumers could collectively raise the credit scores by 30 points, "they could save $16 billion in credit card finance charges alone," reports Diez.

The savings can be even more dramatic for homeowners. Using myFICO's updated rate data on a 30-year fixed interest mortgage for a home valued at $216,000, Diez outlines the specifics:

FICO Score    Mortgage Rate             Payment    Monthly Savings
Under 620                 7.89                 $1566                            0
700                                 6.52                 $1366                        $200
760                                 6.3                 $1334                        $232

"That $232.00 saved, if reinvested monthly in a mutual fund with an 8% average annual return on investment, would yield a return of $342,945.00 after 30 years." instructs Diez, "It's hard to find any investment that could match that kind of return, with or without the reinvestment, even during a recession."

Credit scores affect renters, too. "Your lease application could be turned down by the landlord if your credit is less than perfect," says Diez. And if you are approved, your credit score may influence the size of your security deposit. You credit scores also determine the deposit you pay for telephone, electricity or natural gas service. "When cash is as tight as it is now, it's important to keep every possible dollar in your own pocket. Good credit scores let you do exactly that."

"The bottom line," says Diez, "Everything is negotiable with the right credit score." That means a fast credit score boost is about the best thing you can do for your financial well-being… short of winning the lottery," he observes. So he urges all consumers to get to know their credit scores.

The major credit reporting agencies are:

  •     Equifax (1-800-685-1111)
  •     Experian (1-888-397-3742)
  •     TransUnion (1-800-888-4213)

Credit Repair Services to the Rescue
Knowing your score is the first step. Diez urges consumers to "take the next step and seek the help of professional credit repair services. While he knows that most credit repair services are on the up and up, Diez acknowledges that "Considering there are no licensing requirements or certifications to pass, just about anyone can open a credit repair service and claim to be an expert."

Diez's free report, How to Fix Credit Without Getting Scammed, is available online at
http://fix--credit.com. For additional information on credit repair services and fast credit repair, to download a podcast, subscribe to Diez's blog, or to order any of Diez's free resources on legal and ethical credit repair, you may visit http://www.ScoreMoreCredit.com

About Brian Diez and Score More Credit
Brian Diez is a credit repair expert dedicated to helping consumers who need fast credit repair. A nearly 10-year veteran of the financial industry, Diez turned his attention to credit repair in 2003. He met with former executives of major lenders, collection agencies, and the credit bureaus to learn how disputes were handled and how they were trained to deal with them to reverse-engineer his solutions. He launched ScoreMoreCredit.com to share those solutions with consumers who want to raise their credit score fast and achieve a ranking of 700 and up.


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