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As hospitals continue to evaluate a wide range of facility-equipment needs with an eye on efficiency, cost-savings, and green technology, there's a new interactive resource that addresses these specific areas. was created by Miura Boiler, a world leader that has steadily grown North American market share with unique and cost-effective technology. The site features a video case study and video FAQs (frequently asked questions) to help hospitals in their steam boiler decision making process.

Among Miura Boiler users is Duke Raleigh Hospital, a member of the Duke University Health System. In an effort to maximize efficiencies, and continue to save more on the high cost of fuel, the hospital has purchased a number of Miura steam boilers.

"We've had Miura boilers here for about four years," Shannon Clifton, Engineering Supervisor stated. "Our first two paid for themselves in about a year on fuel savings alone. These were EX-Series dual fuel 200BHP units. We since added others, including an LX-Series gas-fired 100BHP unit."

The Miura boilers were purchased from Greensboro NC-based Boiler Masters Inc., a recognized leader with over 60 years total experience in the industry. "We've been selling the Miura boilers for the past 12 years," said the owners of Boiler Masters Inc., Bryan Spivey and Marlin Hargett, Jr. "It's a remarkable company with a 'state of the art' boiler that is fuel efficient, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly."

Other hospitals that have selected Miura include: Aiken Hospital, Bryce Hospital, Grenada Lakes Hospital, Jackson South Hospital, Pall Life Sciences, Shelby Baptist Hospital, Skyridge Medical Center, Community Memorial Hospital, and Northwest Community Hospital.

Duke Hospital uses the Miura boilers for steam autoclave (sterilization), hot water for cooking, dishwashing, and domestic hot water heating, and reheat (where the hot water is used for heating purposes). "They're so efficient that we decided to purchase a third unit," Clifton states.

Miura boilers maximize efficiency for the unique seasonal and load requirements of hospitals, while providing the necessary 100% back-up requirement. For example, a typical competitor may spec two 400BHP units, while providing the necessary 100% back-up capability (N+1) as required by the Joint Commission (JCAHO). The competitor will run both units (800BHP) while Miura will run two 200BHP units (400BHP) and have the third unit available as required. Since Miura Boilers can produce steam in five minutes from a cold start, the third (back-up) unit can remain cold until needed...thus saving valuable fuel and money. Plus, Miura's MI Controller maximizes Miura's modularity advantages.

"We found the savings with Miura over our previously owned fire-tube boilers, from one month to the next, was at least a thousand Decatherms," Clifton adds.

Fuel economy is just one way Miura saves money for hospitals. Another is the space-saving design of Miura boilers. Hospital construction is among the most expensive in commercial building. At a nationwide average of well over $200 per square foot, construction costs for facilities that utilize large boilers is like throwing money away. In today's economy, reducing capital expenditures is essential, which is where Miura's compact steam boilers offer a real advantage and why more hospitals are choosing Miura boilers for the many efficiencies offered.

"The efficiency is essential to meeting our needs, the fuel savings are important to our bottom line," Clifton notes. "Yes, I'd highly recommend Miura's boilers."

About Miura Boiler Miura Boiler was founded in 1927 and has grown to be one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers in the world. In 2008, Miura sold more boilers in North America than ever before in its history. For more information on Miura boilers, please call in the USA 1-888-309-5574. In Canada, 1-800-666-2182. Visit Miura online at


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