How Can Out-of-Work Executives Monetize Talent and Experience in a Down Economy?

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"Executive Transitions" from Cooper Research Associates Helps Senior Business Professionals Quickly Launch Profitable Consulting Practices.

A new service called "Executive Transitions" from Cooper Research Associates ( was announced today in support of experienced business professionals who are looking to start and rapidly grow their own consulting operations.

In the wake of an economic tsunami that has caused organizations to reduce staff at all levels, the market today is awash with out-of-work executives competing for dwindling job opportunities. Even among the companies that are hiring, the pressure is on to keep costs down. The current "cash-is-king" posture of most companies makes it difficult for hiring managers to justify big six figure executive investments. This is capping demand for even the most qualified of candidates.

Executives in the corporate wilderness are left with a handful of choices. They can:

  • Continue to work with head-hunters and recruiters to find employment that is commensurate with their talent and experience;
  • Lower their executive sights -- and salary expectations -- by taking positions for which they are overqualified; or
  • Consider launching a consulting practice as an interim or permanent career strategy.

"There are many hard economic benefits linked to pursuing an independent consulting business," says Lane F. Cooper, Principal Director and Founder of Cooper Research Associates, a thought leadership research and consulting firm founded in 1994.

  • For senior executives with decades of experience, the barriers to entry are quite low, while the prospects for profits are very high.
  • An independent consulting career can reduce income-risk by spreading revenue sources among multiple clients.
  • While a large executive salary may be daunting to many employers, the idea of "renting" expertise in financially manageable "chunks" is completely consistent with today's prevailing cash-preservation strategy.

"I think it is safe to say that demand for expensive executive labor is likely to stay flat through the remainder of the decade and beyond," says Cooper. "In fact, companies are further flattening management structures in ongoing efforts to control costs, improve operational efficiencies and increase shareholder value. But there is still tremendous demand for the skills, expertise and experience that only comes with a few gray hairs. I believe that this demand will increasingly be met by consultants over the foreseeable future."

That is why Cooper Research Associates is helping experienced and accomplished professionals in the business community apply the principles of "thought leadership" to:

  • Elevate their "trusted-advisor" status with key audiences;
  • Design a portfolio of modular services that can be easily consumed by target markets; and
  • Develop an effective and cost-efficient "go-to-market" strategy that can be quickly implemented.

"Pursuing the consulting option is not for everybody," says Cooper. "But if you have experience solving complex problems in dynamic environments…and you have done this in a rapid and accountable manner…we should talk about an independent consulting career. I am happy to provide insight into a life-style that has served me so well for the past decade and a half. My goal is to help the most talented and dynamic individuals get started and established in their new practice by the end of this year."

To learn more about "Executive Transitions" from Cooper Research Associates and to find out how successful senior professionals are launching the next phase of their careers as independent consultants, call Lane F. Cooper at (415) 646-6592, or visit

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Cooper Research Associates ( is a thought leadership research and consulting firm that specializes in developing measurable and accountable consultative communications strategies for organizations in the high-technology sector. As the Founder and Principal Director of Cooper Research Associates, Lane F. Cooper brings over 20 years of experience to bear as a researcher, reporter and editor analyzing the business and technology industry. He advises a variety of high-tech clients on their thought leadership strategies. In the process, he has developed numerous consultative communications campaigns designed to ensure that the information presented by vendors is compelling to an audience of sophisticated technology buyers and implementers. He is a Contributing Editor and Executive Roundtable Moderator for both CIO Magazine and InformationWeek. Other news services and magazines that have carried his by-line include: BusinessWeek, TransformationEnablers, NetworkWorld, Telephony, Byte Magazine, Washington Technology and Enterprise Systems Journal.


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