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During these times of economic uncertainty, more people are looking for ways to trim their gas usage, particularly after the gasoline crisis last year. founder, Craig Montgomery, recently started a new consumer information blog.

Back in the 70's, we were driving cars that could get 30 miles to the gallon

Within the last year, Americans were faced with the perils of paying over $5 per gallon of gasoline. Because of inflation and the number of people driving in the U.S., this last crisis was reportedly worse than the gas crisis of the 1970s, which at least cars that would go further on one tank of gas than the SUVs of today.

"Back in the 70's, we were driving cars that could get 30 miles to the gallon," said Craig Montgomery. "Now, we're seeing people who were buying Hummers or Expeditions in the early 2000's, trying to sell their gas guzzlers for fuel-efficient cars. The car industry has been moving backwards."

Montgomery is the proprietor of, a website that specializes in getting alternative fuels out to Americans who are interested in saving the money in their wallets and, ultimately, those who want to save gas.

"People should be aware that there are alternatives to gas and that we're not over the gas crisis," said Montgomery, who launched the site in October 2008. "We need to find alternatives and that's what I continue to research."

Montgomery's website carries items that will help someone save gas using tools, as well as relevant information on electric powered cars and other clean-burning alternatives to fossil fuel.

Some of Montgomery's thoughts will go into his recently launched blog,

"With the blog and the site, I want to help people realize that there are alternatives out there for little to no money," he said. "I'm not saying that they need to buy a new electric car, but there are other ways to help get better gas mileage."

While the economy and gas prices continue to fluctuate, Craig Montgomery's plan for a healthier planet and economy isn't too far off, and being executed in a prudent manner.

"If you live in the city, you have buses, but in the suburbs, there's no public transportation. We've become a society where we have to have our own vehicles," explained Montgomery. "I'm just trying to find something that will help the pocketbook and help clean the air we breathe."

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