Free Podcast Interviews Bring Awareness to a Proven High-Fat Seizure Treatment, Offering Hope and Inspiration to Parents

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Compelling interviews with a medical doctor, other mothers and a famous Hollywood producer help get the word out about the ketogenic diet.

When faced with the difficult realization of their child's epilepsy, parents have traditionally felt helpless and at the complete mercy of their doctors' suggestions., an innovative website designed to inform and empower parents, is helping to change this. More and more parents are arming themselves with the information they need to face not only intimidating seizures, but also the doctors that continue to resist using alternative treatments., has been gaining popularity in the online epilepsy community, and for good reason. The information it offers in the form of podcasts, articles, resources, and forum discussions has been life-altering for many parents and their children. The website was the brainchild of Arlene Martell, author of well-received autobiographical ebook "Getting Adam Back …A Mother's Triumph Over Epilepsy and Autism". Realizing parents needed a comprehensive resource and meeting place to gather information and to share experiences, she created to fill that need.

Through the website, Martell also reaches audiences by podcasting, or audio interviews. Not only can the recordings be easily and conveniently accessed by parents or medical professionals at any time, but the information and testimonials they provide are far more powerful than one could ever read in print.

"I love hearing how excited you are…", listener Lee explains about Martell and her guest. "You know you can read about this stuff all you want, but when you hear two moms talking about the amazing difference the diet has made in their children's lives, it takes it to a whole new level".

The "diet" Lee refers to is the ketogenic diet- a dietary, often misunderstood and misrepresented means of treating epilepsy. In a trilogy of back-to-back episodes, Martell interviews three parents whose children (like her own) found great relief from the ketogenic diet. The podcasts clearly capture the many emotions of the parents: frustration, sadness, desperation, hope, relief and excitement.

These episodes feature captivating talks with parents who share similar stories, yet are from very different walks of life. Martell discusses the ketogenic diet and its seemingly miraculous results with famous Hollywood producer, Jim Abrahams. Abrahams, like Martell, has turned personal tragedy with his son into a quest to educate others. She also discusses the devastating effects of epilepsy and the power of the diet with Deborah Snyder, who is both a physician and epilepsy mom. Lastly, Martell chats with Kim Duprey, a young mother who at the time of recording had just found amazing seizure relief for her son through the ketogenic diet.

All three ketogenic diet episodes reveal two strong and relevant themes: Trust your parental instinct, and do not necessarily side with your doctor's choice of treatment. Secondly, the ketogenic diet requires dedication, but it is NOT too challenging with support and the right attitude.

Based on feedback expressed on the website, the podcasts and accompanying online information are already helping to change attitudes. Dedicated listener Jennifer explains the effects of the podcast on her own attitudes: "Our son's neurologist and nutritionist had talked us out of trying the ketogenic diet. But, after listening to the real and emotional interviews with these parents, I've decided that I owe it to my son to give the diet a try. I am now well-informed and ready to face the doctors and push for what I feel could be an effective way to treat my son's seizures."

All podcast episodes can be found at To receive alerts as to when new episodes become available, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. Episodes are followed and discussed in detail in the chat forum, as are parents' personal stories.

About Arlene Martell

Since struggling to win the battle against her own son's health problems more than a decade ago, Arlene Martell has been dedicated to spreading autism and epilepsy awareness to educators, health providers, and other parents with children in need. She is the publisher of, a website that lends support to and information to other parents of kids with epilepsy, and is the author of Getting Adam Back: A Mother's Triumph Over Epilepsy and Autism ( For more information on Martell's journey, contact arlene(at)


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