Career Strategist Expands Services to Assist Job Seekers in New Economy

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Layoffs are piling up and unemployment is getting close to 8%. Competition for jobs is 10 times, perhaps 50 times what is was a year ago. How can job seekers, individuals in career transition and small business owners stand out from the crowd and differentiate what they have to offer? It all boils down to knowing what your personal branding and reputation is and then delivering on that promise of value in a way that is authentic to you and adds value to your target audience. Aspire! is expanding its services to include coaching in personal banding and online identity management.

The great thing about our process is that it helps the applicant generate chemistry as they demonstrate they are a good fit to decision makers

With daily news stories detailing thousands of layoffs around the country and an unemployment rate of 7.5 percent and climbing in the Greater Boston Area, competition for jobs today is 10 times - maybe 50 times - more than a year ago.

"Every layoff and every percentage point added to the unemployment rate means more competition for jobs, said Randi Bussin, career reinvention strategist and founding president of Aspire! "Because it's critical for applicants to elevate their job search skills, I am pleased to announce the expansion of Aspire! to include coaching in personal branding and an expansion of services for job seekers, career reinvention clients and emerging companies.

"After years of assisting New England professionals in successfully realigning their career paths with their skills, strengths and passions, I am expanding services in order to help today's job seekers distinguish themselves when vying for their next job. Our company, Aspire! will now offer personalized guidance so a job candidate can get an employer's attention by differentiating themselves from other, equally qualified applicants."

Bussin, one of 300 Certified Brand Strategists in the world and only a handful in Massachusetts, said the greatest mistakes individuals make, when looking for their next job, is using antiquated resume styles and old ways of looking for employment. "Today's job seekers write resumes, online profiles and cover letters without knowing their target audiences or what differentiates them, what makes them unique," she explained. "These documents are rarely focused on the true value the candidate brings to an employer…and, in a job search, it's all about what you can deliver to help a company reach its goals."

She emphasizes the importance of building a strong and consistent online brand. "As recently as five years ago, the candidate's interview was the most important piece of the hiring process. Today, recruiters and hiring managers are "googling" candidates before they decide whether or not they want to interview them," Bussin said.

The other barrier is the inability for candidates to network enough. "In my experience, people can do a little - or a lot - of networking, but if they're not communicating their differentiation to their network, they're not making progress," she added.

Aspire! will begin the individual job search process by helping candidates create their personal brand for resumes, cover letters, online networking and other vehicles. This first step positions them for the jobs they want…and aside from building confidence and energizing the candidate, Bussin's process also builds a sturdy foundation for every job search strategy.

"Your brand is your reputation," she explained. "It's what people know you for and rely on you to always deliver.

"The great thing about our process is that it helps the applicant generate chemistry as they demonstrate they are a good fit to decision makers," Bussin continued. "Whether they are assessing you as a potential employee or deciding to do business with you, if you know your personal brand, you have an edge over the rest of the field…and, given today's highly competitive job market, differentiating yourself from your peers is more critical than ever."

Ultimately, Bussin's guidance helps candidates gain clarity about their strengths, values and motivation as well as identifying the jobs they not only can do well but also jobs they will enjoy. "With this self-knowledge and authenticity, you become the top contender in any large group of competitors," she added. "Without it, you're simply one in a field of hundreds of applicants."

Randi Bussin is a Belmont-based career reinvention strategist, branding specialist and entrepreneurial consultant with 25 years of corporate, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial expertise. She leverages her extensive background to help job seekers clarify their aspirations, develop the "big-picture," and set realistic goals in finding a career that reflects their personal values and passions. For more information, go to


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