New Product Targeting Age Related Diseases In Men to Launch This Week

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Adult Energy For Men is the first natural liquid energy formula developed for middle aged and senior men. It was created by a former NIH consultant as a food supplement that naturally increases testosterone production without the negative side effects associated with artificial testosterone treatment. This breakthrough formula could change the way men avoid age related diseases and is set to launch March 24, 2009.

With a family history of diabetes Brian Ayers, a former National Institutes for Health consultant and author, searched for an energy supplement to make the exercise and diet that is required to overcome diabetes easier. His discovery looks to be much more than a diabetes supplement. It could change the way men look at aging.

The newly launched natural liquid supplement Adult Energy For Men ( is designed to improve the testosterone output of men by giving the body the exact nutrition it needs. For years men were prescribed artificial testosterone through injections, patches or creams. These treatments ignore the body's ability to create its own testosterone and as a result produce several side effects. When the body has the correct nutrition it will create its own testosterone at the right levels just as it did all throughout a developing male's life.

Scientist has known for some time that testosterone loss is the cause of a great number of ailments for men as they age. For men who smoke, drink, don't exercise regularly and take multiple medications the loss is more dramatic. This means dying from a low testosterone related disease is higher.

The testosterone levels in men drops by 1% per year on average. By the age of 50, most men have 30% less testosterone than they did at 20. Low testosterone levels have been linked to heart disease, memory loss, mood swings, loss of muscle mass, pot bellies, higher risk of Alzheimer's, higher risk of osteoporosis, declining sex drive and impotence.

New research shows that a high number of men with diabetes also suffer from low testosterone levels. This means Adult Energy For Men could provide a double benefit of energy and testosterone nutrition for men who suffer from diabetes or are pre-diabetic.

Mr. Ayers calls this product a game changer for middle aged and senior men. "No product is going to do away with exercise and healthy eating, but now there is an effective way to get the nutrition needed to directly stimulate testosterone without unwanted side effects."

Adult Energy For Men will be available for the first time on March 24, 2009 through

About Adult Energy For Men
Adult Energy For Men is a unique natural liquid formula that was developed by a former NIH consultant to help men and some women who have noticed an overall decline in vitality, mental alertness, stamina, strength and energy level as they have gotten older. It helps you produce testosterone at the right levels and gently increases circulation which can help you feel younger and more vital at the right times without unwanted side effects. This helps counteract the negative effects of testosterone reduction as you age.

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