More Celebrities Batting Sexy Eyes Thanks to Maxolash

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The annual Oscar awards ceremony draws celebrities from all walks of life; a-lister to d-lister graces the red carpet each year. And the one thing that they all have in common, aside from their nomination ambitions, is that they want to look and feel their very best when strolling the red runner. It is not uncommon for some a-list celebrities to spend thousands of dollars on facials and eye treatments prior to their stint at the Oscars. However, more and more are turning to over-the-counter eye treatments, like Maxolash eyelash strengthener, as a more private and less costly alternative to posh and lofty, overpriced five-star spa treatments, pre-ceremony.

As the stars brimmed the red carpet at this past Oscars annual awards ceremonies, most were sporting their brightest and most costly looks. From the pricey designer gowns and jewelry, to behind-the-scenes eyebrow reshaping and even eyelash extensions; the cosmetic applications that many a-listers spend thousands of dollars on. Yet even amid the spending sprees that many celebrities binge upon prior to the awards ceremony, there are quite a few that take the alternative route to making their eyes stand out: Maxolash natural eyelash strengthener and moisturizer is a red carpet celebrity secret for sexy eyes--one that costs merely a fraction of the £6,500 eyelash extension treatment that Ann Hathaway reportedly received pre-ceremony.

According to Dermagevity Skin Care (makers of Maxolash) spokesperson, Tara Smith, the popularity of Maxolash natural eyelash strengthener amongst red carpet striders is no mystery.

"While you will always hear about a-lister celebrities embarking upon pre-ceremony (Oscars) beautification spending sprees, a majority of those who attend the annual awards ceremony don't wish to drop thousands of dollars on eye treatments for one night," Smith explains.

Smith credits the popularity of Maxolash to its ingredient complex, the clinical evidence of its effectiveness, and the affordability and accessibility of the product.

"Maxolash only uses the finest, clinically proven and premium, all-natural ingredients," says Smith. "Ingredient complexes like Hyaluronic Acid (a potent moisturizer), Glycoproteins (which stimulates hair follicle growth), and ProVitamin B5 (strengthens eyelashes and encourages growth) to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes safely and quickly, and without causing the consumer to bat an eye at the exorbitant price in the meantime."

Maxolash eyelash stimulator and strengthener is applied using an applicator brush that is included with the product. It is lightly brushed onto the eyelashes one time per day, prior to applying any makeup or mascara. Maxolash typically shows results within the first one or two months of daily usage.

To learn more about how all-natural Maxolash can rejuvenate your lashes, increase length and strength, and stimulate follicle growth, please visit them online at:

About Maxolash:

  •     Developed by Dermagevity Skin Care--a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     Balances synthetic, optimized protein complexes with soothing and nourishing, moisturizing extracts
  •     Promotes healthy, naturally fuller-looking lashes
  •     Helps stimulate the follicle cells to promote new hair growth
  •     Conditions lashes and brows, and helps protect them from environmental damage and breakage
  •     Specially formulated and pH balanced to be non-irritating to the eyes
  •     Utilizes clinically proven ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (potent moisturizer), Glycoproteins (stimulates hair follicle growth), and ProVitamin B5 (strengthens eyelashes and encourages growth)
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Available over-the-counter, no doctor prescription is required
  •     Has no known, adverse side effects
  •     Currently available at their secured online store, with a generous discount off the retail price when ordered online at:


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