Corticon Dialogs Infuses Intelligence into Automated Interactions with People

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Dialogs empowers business domain experts to rapidly create and maintain engaging self-service web applications

the usage of explicit rules with human interfaces is a use case that has gone untapped despite the obvious speed and agility benefits

Corticon Technologies, Inc. , the leader in model-driven Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), today announced its newest offering, Corticon DialogsTM, at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit in San Diego . Available now, Corticon Dialogs, together with Corticon BRMS, comprises the industry's first and only model-driven, rules-based intelligent interactions platform.    

With Dialogs, Corticon has completely transformed web-based self-service applications. Traditionally, automated user interactions typically center on static web forms, which require people to trudge through a fixed set of questions, often entering and/or reading data that is irrelevant - a decidedly tedious experience when compared to a conversation with a live expert. By contrast, an application created with Corticon Dialogs is reflexive in nature, responding intelligently and dynamically to user responses. A Corticon Dialogs application enables intelligence to be designed into interactions so that it can be applied immediately and dynamically, probing and guiding to achieve the most efficient and effective information exchange possible.

Until now, this style of reflexive application has been prohibitively difficult to build and maintain, with development time measured in months. With Corticon Dialogs and the Corticon BRMS, such applications can be delivered in hours, without coding, by business domain experts. According to Jim Sinur, Research VP at Gartner, "the usage of explicit rules with human interfaces is a use case that has gone untapped despite the obvious speed and agility benefits".

Corticon Dialogs is ideally suited for a broad range of applications including:

Web-based sales of complex products - When selling complex products such as insurance policies, loans, or physical goods requiring configuration, it is often necessary to guide buyers through the selling process, employing conditional data collection as appropriate. Corticon Dialogs is an effective solution to web-enable sales for such diverse products as individual health insurance, commercial and personal lending, and manufacturing sales.

Call center guidance and automation - Many call centers have challenges in deploying best practices consistently in their operations while managing costs, especially considering high turnover rates. Corticon Dialogs enables organizations to capture best practices in web applications that are either delivered directly to customers as self-service applications or used to guide call center agents. Examples include providing guidance to real estate professionals regarding what forms to use for a given real estate transaction, and guiding technical support agents in troubleshooting common problems with customers.

eGovernment service delivery - Facing the combination of tight budgets and the burgeoning demand for social services, government services are severely challenged. Corticon Dialogs is the cornerstone of solutions helping government agencies automate service eligibility and delivery processes. Early implementers of Corticon-powered intelligent applications include several states that now offer their citizens the ability to sign up for social services online.

Knowledge worker enablement - Very often, best practices remain buried in the depths of an organization and are difficult to access when needed. Corticon Dialogs is being leveraged for such diverse applications as guiding manufacturing professionals to relevant best practices in inventory management and logistics, and guiding healthcare professionals to optimize quality of care while maximizing reimbursement levels.    

Corticon Dialogs helps organizations deliver intelligent, engaging web applications, all without programming and in a fraction of the time it takes when compared with traditional development approaches. Corticon Dialogs consists of two integrated products: Dialogs Designer and Dialogs Server. Using Dialogs Designer, a business domain expert can model questions, define pages and complete interactions for use on the web or intranet. Because Corticon Dialogs comes pre-integrated with the Corticon Business Rules Management System (BRMS), that same business domain expert can define rules to control what questions are presented, based on responses received, what responses are delivered, and what additional processes must be started. Creating this kind of interactive application has never been easier.

Corticon Dialogs Server is the engine that dynamically renders the intelligent, interactive Dialogs pages in a web environment. Using the rules defined and deployed along with your Dialogs application, Dialogs Server creates a fully reflexive user experience, enabling engaging and sophisticated user interactions. Dialogs Server employs cascading style sheets (CSS) and portlets to create a flexible framework that integrates well into nearly any web design, and Web 2.0 technology to create a user interface that is unsurpassed in style and ease of use.

Corticon Dialogs was inspired by experience implementing Corticon BRMS at numerous customers, all looking to build this style of engaging, rules-driven, web-based applications. As an example, Corticon helped Precedent Insurance deliver a new web site to sell individual health insurance direct to consumers. Don Ames, former CTO of Precedent Insurance, led the project and custom-developed the user interaction layer on top of Corticon's BRMS - a project that took several months of effort. Following that project, Don joined Corticon as VP of Industry Solutions to help to develop a commercial product to more rapidly build intelligent, interactive applications. "Corticon Dialogs is a key technology that enables the transformation of a broad range of industries, converting long, manual processes into automated, self-service applications," says Mr. Ames. "And Corticon Dialogs can deliver these applications in a fraction of the time and cost of any alternative, while empowering business people to take greater control of application development and maintenance."

About Corticon Technologies
Corticon Technologies, Inc. delivers software solutions that unleash "The Power of DecisionsTM", helping organizations achieve unprecedented automation, agility and control of operational decision-making tasks. Many of the world's most successful organizations rely on Corticon's Business Rules Management System (BRMS) to discover, model, execute and improve their operational decisions in areas such as claims adjudication, underwriting, order processing, diagnostics, compliance and audit.

Corticon is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California, with European headquarters in the Netherlands, worldwide distribution via regional offices and an extensive partner network. Recognized as a leading BRMS vendor by industry analysts and thought leaders, Corticon's products are in use today at many of the world's largest banks, insurance companies, media companies, telecommunication providers and government organizations, collectively automating millions of decisions per day.

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