ES Careers CEO says No Shortage of Jobs in 2009

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There are no job shortages as far as the ES Careers web site goes. First of all, people may not know where to go to find jobs online. And secondly, it may very well be that people have lost their paid subscriptions to job and career websites in these tight financial times. ES Careers is committed to keeping their job site as a free service for individuals to find jobs.

I don't think we anticipated how steep the decline would be, particularly in unemployment

ES Careers recently reported on their website that the current unemployment rate could be cut in half if people simply knew where to look for jobs online. The report suggests that large samples of the population of career seekers in the job market today are just not Internet savvy. Statistics have shown that Google was not even around when a majority of the currently unemployed folks out there graduated from high school or college.

While most people may have Internet access, studies suggest that many people still do not know where to look when it comes to finding and securing a new job or career. For example, just because a person owns a vehicle, it does not necessarily mean they know where the good restaurants are anymore than where the great jobs may be on the information super highway.

The recent Renaissance of the iPhone, in addition to the fact that newspapers have become less relevant to a PDA-equipped society, is certainly an eye opener to say the least. Recent surveys suggest that what the country may be experiencing is a lack of information flow in the middle of an information age. Just about everyone would agree that our ability as a nation to recover from hard economic times could be strengthened with technology thrown into the mix.

"What we are seeing is a clear disconnect from what people need to survive and what they are able to do about it, absent of any knowledge of how to use the Internet effectively," says ES Careers CEO Tim Martin. In this regard, many of the people who have fallen on hard times may have also lost their access or paid memberships to job portfolio sites and that's why ES Careers remains free to this day.

If you do the math, the reduction in the GNP of the United States only accounts for a fraction of the rising unemployment rate. In a recent interview on 60 Minutes, even President Obama appeared jaded while seemingly addressing the issue in a more linear approach . "I don't think we anticipated how steep the decline would be, particularly in unemployment," the President noted. "If you look at just how many hundreds of thousands, millions of jobs have been shed over the course of the last three months. That slope is a lot steeper than anything we've seen before."

"Now, there is a silver lining which may be that while the Great Depression lasted several years, we did not have the media infrastructure and the Internet resources and that is the power steering that can turn the biggest jumbo jet of an economy around on a dime," said Martin. "We have the resources to place people in careers all over the world and we do not charge for the service. I just wish the other major job portals would step up to the plate and join us in the fight."

History knows that the United States can recover from a depression. The big question lurking in the minds of all those people being affected by the unemployment crisis is how long will that process take? Historical studies have shown that the country's ability to recover from a recession quickly lies in the education through media, and using the web for those who are not in the know. A recession is kind of like an earthquake. Once the shaking stops, we all scramble to put our lives back together. But just a few miles away lies safety from the aftershocks. By using job sites and social networks effectively, we accelerate our recovery.

In this respect, ES Careers insists that part of the problem is not that there are no jobs available, but that people just don't know how to find them and apply. "We have many e-mails from prospective employers who have posted available careers on our website who feel there are just too many jobs available," notes Tim Martin. "This information proves the disconnect is tangible as we transform from the passing of the hand-held periodical and pavement-pounding mindsets into a clearer understanding of the PDA paradigm shift."

ES Careers knows that just because job seekers have Internet access, does not mean they know where to find a job. In this regard, ES Careers is the original free job posting website that provides updated lists of new jobs every day using new media technology that makes job seeking simple and accessible. To combat the current cultural challenge, posed before the job seeker who might be new to searching for jobs on the Internet, ES Careers is providing the best, easy-to-manage resource for employers looking for job candidates to post their employment positions at no charge.

The very fact that the service is offered at no cost shows that ES Careers knows the issues that concern any job seeker and is reacting fast to the needs of the country to turn it around and help the nation get back on its feet again.

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