Voots Founder and Nutrition Industry Expert Shares His Top 5 Tips for Raising Healthier Kids

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Stephen Adele, founder of popular children's supplement company and real father of three, shows busy parents that healthy eating is easier, and more critical, than they think.

With childhood obesity at an all-time high in the United States, children's nutrition is becoming an increasingly important issue to parents and caregivers. What's more, studies show that only 7% of American children are getting their daily recommended allowances of fruits and vegetables.

Stephen Adele, the founder of Voots, a supplement that provides a full day's serving of fruits and vegetables in two candy-like tarts, wants busy parents to understand that raising healthy, fit children is easy, affordable, and extremely important.

"Research indicates that all of a child's fat cells are formed by the time he or she is nine years old. This means that at a very young age, kids have already developed a predilection to be fit and thin, or overweight. As parents, it's our job to give our kids a fighting chance at being healthy adults. This means being mindful of their eating habits from the get-go and following a few simple rules," Stephen Adele contends.

1) Understand that you are the nutritional role model for your kids.
Like it or not, the first step to raising healthy, mindful eaters is becoming one yourself. As with many things, our children look to us for inspiration and influence when it comes to their diets. Don't think you can get away with eating what you'd like, as long as you provide a healthier option for the little ones. Your kids will always want to eat what you eat. Even if you can control this during supervised mealtimes, you can't keep tabs on what they'll indulge in when you're not around. Make eating a balanced diet a family resolution.

2) Clean out those cupboards!
It's easier to eat healthy if you have the right options around, and this starts by getting rid of all the wrong ones. I like to share three simple rules I call the "label test." First off, keep nothing that contains hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Next, if sugar is the first or second ingredient listed, toss it. Finally, steer clear of all artificial flavors and colors. Reason being, hydrogenated oils are bad for our heart, too much sugar and high fructose corn syrup can cause an early onset of diabetes, and artificial stuff makes kids behave both poorly and erratically.

3) Make "better bad choices."
Surprising as it may sound, the smallest changes can have a profound impact on our children's confidence, body, and behavior. As parents, we can't expect to successfully sustain huge, dramatic changes in our eating habits overnight. Instead, start making "better bad choices." Instead of fried or even baked chips, offer the kids veggie chips. In lieu of soda, offer real fruit juice. When it comes time to eat on the go, skip the fast-food joints and stop at a sandwich or burrito shop. While none of these options are perfect, they're realistic and significantly better than their alternatives. You will see a big difference in no time.

4) Empower your kids with knowledge.
Your kids are never too young to learn how to make healthy eating choices. Don't be afraid to teach them about the things that are bad for them, or the dangerous effects that a bad diet can have on their bodies. If you teach them nothing else, teach your children to look at the amounts of sugars and unhealthy fats in the foods they're contemplating eating. This will equip them with the tools they need to make good decisions when you are not around to monitor their nutritional behavior.

5) Get moving!
Today's kids are so addicted to technology, as parents, we absolutely have to influence their physical activity. Enroll them in something active that gets them out of the house for several hours a week. Whether it's dance classes, team sports, or even a local volunteer program or social organization. Getting up from behind the computer or in front of the television will do wonders for your kids. If your schedule doesn't allow you to viability get them to and from these activities, invest in a Wii sport/fit. This will engage you as a parent in exercise with your children and will improve their health and your relationship.

Voots are made in the USA, using only ingredients produced in the USA. Available online at http://www.eatyourvoots.com and at health-food and drug stores nationwide, the Voots MSRP is $9.99. For more information, to interview Stephen Adele, or to obtain high-resolution photography or product samples, please contact Sue Mosebar at sue@iSatoritech.com or 303.215.9174.

About Voots
Voots (http://www.eatyourvoots.com) are a dietary supplement that provide a full day's serving of fruits and vegetables in two candy-like tarts. Voots are all natural and contain no sugars, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Intended for children (and those at heart) ages two and up, Voots taste and look like a mixed-berry candy, are conveniently packaged, and are easy to use. Created by Colorado couple and fitness industry experts Stephen and Julia Adele, Voots are made by real parents for real-life Moms and Dads and offer a simple solution for finicky eaters and busy families.


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