SMILE! Offers Hope for Economic Woes Smile, the Secret Science of Smiling, Launches Wednesday March 25, 2009

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SMILE! is a compilation of science and emotion, validating the understanding that people can influence their mood and their health with a mere gesture, that is a smile. Read how scientists, psychologists and spiritual leaders have invoked a result with this tool. Elan SunStar crafts this amazing literary piece with precision and depth.

The long awaited collection of Elan SunStar's inspirational photographs, quotations and scientific representations of the act of smiling becomes available Wednesday March 25, 2009. The book is titled SMILE!, The Secret Science of Smiling, and is filled with stories and endorsements by world leaders, scientists and philosophers alike. SunStar, a pioneer in alternative approaches to self-improvement of mind, body and spirit, weaves a solid biological, sociological and psychological base into this powerful message.

In times when people lose jobs, homes and savings they often turn to drugs or alcohol and suffer depression. SunStar's photographs are not only brilliant in colors and full of smiles but they evoke a physical response of well-being and happiness. In turn, people are inspired to think positive thoughts and aspire to achieve their own success through more productive means.

"The purpose and mission of the Smile book is to profoundly influence the course of human development at a critical time when emotional anxiety from economic and ecological situations challenges humanity to find new and simple ways to renew the Spirit-Mind and body," says SunStar, "and to re-commit our intentions of happiness and harmony on a planet whose destiny depends on our decisions and actions."

About the Author
Elan SunStar is a professional photographer, fine artist, classical musician and raw foodist of over 40 years. In his global travels he has researched optimum states of psychology and physiology while continuing his photo documentation of people and events, interviewing and studying with top pioneers in health, wellness and personal growth. Find Sunstar's book at

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source or your joy" -Thich Nhat Hanh


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