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The latest fitness craze that's bubbling on the surface and ready to explode into the homes of millions of Americans is the exercise hoop. Easily transported and affordable, these hoops can be found at the year old, which is celebrating its first anniversary with the announcement of a new blog.

I took a collapsible hoop with me on vacation and it interested another person at the hotel enough to have her buy that one from me

According to the Get America Fit Foundation, there are 58 million overweight Americans, as well as 40 million obese Americans. Due to the overworked employment culture in the United States, more people are spending less time on their physical and mental health and more time at their jobs. The overall misconception is that people have to join gyms to stay fit, but entrepreneur Row Briggs has a product that will help people with their exercises without having to pay an extreme amount of money to join a health club.

Briggs is the proprietor of, a web store that specializes in exercise hoops. Sport hoops are the latest in cardiovascular fitness. Unlike treadmills or stationary bicycles, exercise hoops are portable and can be taken to work, on vacation or just about anywhere.

"I took a collapsible hoop with me on vacation and it interested another person at the hotel enough to have her buy that one from me," said Briggs.

Like many people, Briggs herself has a stationary occupation and after some time, she began to get into the different aspects of fitness, which eventually led to hoop exercises.

Briggs launched her website in January 2008 and has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Within that year, Briggs was able to amass an impressive catalog of various types of hoops, as well as an instructional DVD for hoop dancing.

Such tips on hoop dancing and exercises, along with anecdotes like Briggs' vacation sell, will be explored through her new blog,

The blog investigates the various pros of hoop fitness and its easy cardiovascular benefits.

Yet, Briggs plans on expanding her product line to include workout clothing, accessories and is researching the inclusion of yoga and pilates on her website.

While Briggs may not solve the obesity epidemic in America, her contribution is still more than what other people who complain about the fact that there's nothing to be done about the collective failing health of other people. Thanks to Row Briggs, people don't need to buy a membership to a fitness club to be healthy; they can just have to give a hoop.

About the Company: is a part of RLSB Enterprises, Inc which is owned and operated by Row Briggs.

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