Fix-It Club Offers Consumers Ten Reasons to Fix Before Replacing

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Stuff breaks! In this economy, consumers should first consider easy repairs before replacement.

Stuff breaks! Appliances, furniture, furnaces, toys, garage door openers, and everything else in the home will eventually break. And, in this economy, buying replacement stuff isn't always an option. Before consumers replace broken things, they should consider ten good reasons to fix them.

1. Save money by not having to replace things that easily can be fixed. It might just need a fuse, a new electrical cord, or a screw tightened.
2. Buy better things that will last longer than disposables because consumers can probably fix them if they ever do break.
3. Reduce the environmental impact of having a replacement manufactured from raw materials and transported from a far-off land.
4. Learn how to recycle the things that can't be fixed.
5. Learn new skills and discover the satisfaction of fixing something that's broken.
6. Spend some quality time with kids fixing things together -- and teaching them a good lesson in economics.
7. Keep that family clock or other heirloom running longer.
8. Justify the cost of expanding a collection of tools.
9. Impress a spouse, partner, and others with new-found fixing skills.
10. Be a smarter consumer by knowing how things work and what to do if they don't. includes more than 180 illustrated Fix-It Guides on everything from air conditioners to zippers. Popular how-to author Dan Ramsey's website includes simple instructions and tips on troubleshooting and repairing or recycling household things that break. The site's easy-to-use search engine quickly finds the appropriate Fix-It Guide for any household problem. Dan's goal is to help fix the economy and the environment -- one repair at a time.

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