Increase Direct Mail ROI by Eliminating "Return to Sender"

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P2E Scanning Services have developed a process of improving accuracy of direct mail campaigns by collecting undeliverable mail and capturing the addresses. With postal rates raising an average of 11.7% in the past year, this service can save your company thousands of dollars with every mailing.

Direct mail is increasingly becoming more expensive than ever before, with postal rates raising an average of 11.7% in the past year. If we assume there are five costs when sending direct mail; List rental, printing, writing, design, and postage.

The question is how do we increase ROI? The answer is a simple one. Increase accuracy. But how do we do that?

One way is to eliminate undeliverable mail or return to sender. Let's take a look at the first item of our costs, list rental; we assume that all these contacts are accurate. Unfortunately no matter how hard list providers work at keeping address's updated, at least 5% are going to come back undeliverable.

The reason is that most of the updating is left up to the business's themselves. When a company moves or goes out of business, it is impossible for these list providers to know this. It is left up to the individual company to update them and to keep their information relevant, which unfortunately is not always done.

Many companies can survive with automatically writing off 5% of their mailings, but to continue to ship to the same address each and every time is throwing money down the drain. The goal is to become more accurate with every mailing.

A solution to this problem has been developed by a document indexing company in Boston called P2E Scanning Services. The problem of how to stop continuously mailing to an undeliverable address is solved by capturing the addresses and comparing it to your mailing list, making each mailing more accurate. Before now there had not been an affordable solution to this problem, but P2E has developed a process of scanning and capturing addresses off of envelopes, converting them into editable text, and compiling a do not send list. The benefits are evident, not only are you making your list more accurate but you are saving money on printing, as well as postage. Three of the five main costs involved in direct mailings.

By eliminating undeliverable mail, we have increased our accuracy by 5%, cut printing costs, and cut postage costs, greatly increasing ROI.

If you would like more information on this topic please call Kyle Fugere of P2E at 978-372-1077.


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