New Weight Loss Discovery Sure To Find Starving Crowd: CleanseToThin™ with LeptiPro™

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Leptin resistance, as a primary contributor to the obesity problem, has been the subject of ongoing research in the scientific community. A recent discovery gives way to a first-to-market product with a novel and clinically validated approach to losing substantial weight safely and naturally. By crossing the blood brain barrier, CleanseToThin™ with LeptiPro™ helps the body mobilize fat and decrease hunger cravings. It answers the question of how to lose weight. Many are saying it has the potential to be one of the best diet pills to be introduced in years.

When we first saw the research it was almost too good to be true. Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to create a product that does what this does. We were just in the right place at the right time.

In the never ending fight to win the war against being overweight, the challenger may have finally landed a knockout punch. Ongoing studies are demonstrating that people struggling with their weight may be unknowingly suffering from a condition that's been sabotaging their efforts to lose it: leptin resistance.

A study from researchers at Harvard University, in the journal Developmental Cell, found that, "Nearly all forms of obesity are leptin resistant..."

Leptin, a hormone, regulates weight by decreasing hunger and food consumption, while at the same time improving metabolism and energy utilzation by burning fat. Leptin is the master hormone that can virtually determine whether or not a person is overweight. Harnessing it's power has been the ongoing quest.

Produced in fat cells, leptin signals the brain to either store fat or burn it, as well as whether or not to crave food. Many dieters who have given it their 'best shot' may now understand why they failed. Being leptin resistant is basically a hormone imbalance. Will power alone is no match for powerful hormonal signals telling the body to crave food and store fat.

Recent studies demonstrate that a potential key to unprecedented weight loss has to do with a protein known as PTP1B. It's a direct regulator of leptin signaling in the brain. By inhibiting the protein, science has shown that leptin sensitivity can be restored, thereby allowing leptin to do its job of controlling cravings and burning fat.

On Monday, in Denver, Colorado, the first product ever to take advantage of this science was made available to the public. The new all-natural compound inhibits the protein PTP1B by crossing the blood-brain barrier to act directly on brain (hypothalamus) to reduce hunger and mobilize fat as energy.

Lyle Perry, CEO of the company launching the product, is elated, "When we first saw the research it was almost too good to be true. Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to create a product that does what this does. We were just in the right place at the right time."

CleanseToThin™ is the product and it's highly researched primary ingredient LeptiPro,™ is formulated from a naturally derived plant-based compound, berberine.

Roger Asmus, President of the company knows a bit about healthy weight loss science, as he was Mr. Natural Colorado in 1998. Asmus, 38, says, "The amazing thing is, it's all natural. It's as strong and effective as any weight loss drug could ever hope to be- without any side effects like drugs or most weight loss pills."

Dr. Ron Spallone, D.C., C.I.O of CleanseToThin,™ had this to say, "I see the results these people are getting everyday. Lyle (Lyle Perry) lost 26 pounds in less than a month. I still can't believe it. It's not a stretch to say that this could be one of the most researched and promising weight loss supplements to come out in the last 20 years."

Perry comments about his company and product, CleanseToThin,™ being the first to make this available to the diet and weight loss market, "Needless to say we've kept the lid on this thing pretty tight. It's like David and Goliath; here we are holding the "holy grail" of this new weight loss research. It's what everybody's been scrambling to accomplish to help America overcome this ever-growing weight problem. We feel very blessed."

Amongst all the positive evidence and enthusiasm, Perry does raise some caution, "Not all people are leptin resistant. Those who have the greatest success with CleanseToThin™ are either chronically overweight, have lost weight before and then put it all back on, or have an inability to control sugar and carbohydrate cravings...or all of the above."

The CleanseToThin's™ weight loss program also includes a gentle night time colon cleansing herbal weight loss formula to assist in removing toxins from the fat burning process through the body quickly.

CleanseToThin™ has just been released to the general public as of March 30th. It is made in the United States in a FDA certified and fully compliant GMP manufacturing facility. The facility is regularly inspected by State and Federal health authorities for safety and quality.

For more information, contact:
Lyle Perry, CEO, CleanseToThin™, Inc.
720-214-2105 (Direct), 303-742-7822 (Cell)
Lyle (at) CleanseToThin (dot) com


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