Love Humanity Launches Common Sense Parenting® Nationally and Internationally from India

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Common Sense Parenting® a tried, tested and proven course developed by Girls and Boys Town in Omaha NE in the USA, reduces child abuse by teaching individuals to raise children in a loving caring, teaching manner. The end result is stronger family relationships and a reduction in children's problem behaviors. The book along with all the course materials has been edited & modified to the Indian culture, reproduced in English and Hindi and launched from Nehru Museum & Library - Teen Murti House, New Delhi by Love Humanity International.

Love Humanity International (LHI) and Pentagon Press (PP) together launched the book, Common Sense Parenting, in English nationally and in Hindi nationally and internationally from Nehru Memorial Museum & Library - Teen Murti House on March 26th. Other CSP course materials in both languages were also launched by other distinguished guests.

Chief Guest, Mrs. Rajashree Birla, Director of Aditya Birla Group, launched the Hindi book 'Lalan Palan Samanya Bodh' authored by Ray Burke, Ph.D. and Ron Herron from the USA and translated to Hindi by Mr. Valji Bagda.

Birla said, "Common Sense Parenting comes at an opportune time. It is heartening to find that it relies heavily on emotional bonding between parents and children, on working with a warm heart, a cool head, a strong sense of values and a firm hand on discipline, which is defined as teaching. It is a blue print for parenting and cuts across cultures and geographies. The techniques, even as they are simple, contain much wisdom. I am sure following this book will help create for today's children a better tomorrow, on a foundation of happy families."

Louise Anita Williams, Founder and Managing Trustee of LHI, gave the history of CSP of how it was developed by Girls and Boys Town in Omaha Nebraska in the USA and spoke about the skills taught in the course patterned after the book.

The launch began with the reading by Mr. D. R. Kaarthikeyan of a message from Anandmurti Gurumaa where she said, "Every parent should be trained, well-equipped to live their life in a better and balanced manner. The mother has to learn to be a mother; the father has to learn to be a father…Being a parent can become wondrous, when you are already happy with yourself, when you are not seeking something from anyone, when you are fully settled in your own being or have begun your journey towards that…I sincerely hope that through the medium of Common Sense Parenting the above is achieved and an effort in this direction is initiated."

President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Panna Choudhury, while launching the CSP book in English emphasized that a parenting course is the need of the hour in India.

Dr. A.K. Gulati, a child specialist in New Delhi, launched the CSP training manual in English and then stated, "Parents generally do not spend more than 8 minutes at a time in a pediatrician's office and 70% of the questions are related to parenting. Therefore this childcare course is a basic need for a family, resulting in a better society."

Director of Pediatrics of Max Institute of Pediatrics, New Delhi, Dr. Anurag Krishna, launched the Hindi Training Manual 'Lalan Palan Samaya Bodh' and said, "Today I see a birth of a subspecialty in Pediatrics from this course. I take this opportunity for the Institute that I represent of getting into a partnership with LHI where we use this resource material to initiate the larger body of pediatricians to this subspecialty so that they become beacons for disseminating the message of parenting to their colleagues and also to enhance the virtues of parenting to the parents of their clients."

The English training film was launched by, Dr. Jagannath Pati, Deputy Director, Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. He spoke saying, "I have gone through the course and we at CARA have seen children's homes very closely and we find that this kind of course is needed and I am going to strongly recommend the book and course to our social workers and other stakeholders."

Mr. Sonykutty George, Project Officer, Child Protection Section, UNICEF, launched the Hindi training film after which he said, "I am most concerned about what is happening to the children in India today and it is now time for a second freedom struggle. The values of non-violence and the values of assertive behavior can make tangible changes in the lives of children…I now commit myself and UNICEF for the second struggle of freedom where children are free of fear from parents, teachers and childcare providers."

At the end of launching the books and course materials, Mr. Valji Bagda, Trustee and Managing Director, LHI, was felicitated by Birla for his outstanding work in translating the book and other course materials.

Bagda said, "I have committed myself to LHI due to the dedication, commitment and selfless service of Williams for the children in India." Bagda further shared there is a huge need for training materials to bring positive change in the prevailing situation of child abuse in India.

Vote of Thanks was given by Mr. Rajan Arya, Managing Director, PP.

Love Humanity International, a charitable trust, has a mission to strengthen families and to empower children so they may grow up to be self-reliant and effect positive change in India and the world. LHI works with adults as well as children and now appeals to the people of India to come forward and participate together to achieve this goal for a better future of India and the world.

Louise Anita Williams
Founder, Managing Trustee
Love Humanity International


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